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The Night of the Walking Dead

I’m getting married to the most wonderful man in just five days. Joe and I are tying the knot on the 5th anniversary of our first date (I know you just said “awww”). We have been planning the wedding for a year and a half, hired a top notch planner and a fabulous band, have the Hamilton Ballroom booked, the food and beverages ordered…and as I write this, I am in full blown panic mode. Not because I have cold feet, that couldn’t be further from the truth, but because there is a 5k Zombie Run in downtown Wichita Falls that night. What are the odds? Even that didn’t phase me until someone asked if that might cause a problem with the streets downtown. Hmmm, the thought had never occurred to me. Well, I just looked on the Zombie Run website and as of this minute, it goes right through the middle of our parking garage and the streets will most likely be blocked off. FML.

I immediately called our fearless planners, Two Clever Chicks, and they are cleverly hopping on the problem, which calmed me down tremendously. I don’t think there’s much they can’t handle, Zombies included. But if for some reason they can’t…pray for rain.