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New England – Day 4

Karma bit me in the ass this morning. I bitched about the slowness of the coffee service in yesterday’s blog and this morning the coffeemaker decided to implode. It took an hour to make half a pot of coffee that was so strong that even diluted it was like espresso. I like a little coffee with my cream and this coffee was never going to be that light brown color I like.

While we were drinking our coffee, Leigh received the exciting news that her daughter had just become engaged on a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend.  Carla eft Leigh a message on her answering machine at home because, hello, we don’t have cell service here.  I think you could hear Leigh’s whoop all the way to Cozumel.  Just a guess, but I think she’s happy about it.

Bruce, Michael’s partner, popped in as we were wrestling with the coffee maker to regale us with tales of his flat tire at the train station last night. Apparently, he is challenged by all things mechanical and electronic. Basically, if it has an on/off switch he needs a guardian angel around. I say that in jest…sort of. Actually, we got a great kick out of listening to his story. He’s a high energy, very funny guy.

We met Michael and Bruce down at the Villager Restaurant for breakfast. It was news to me that you could put smoked salmon and capers in an omelet. Who thinks up these combinations? It actually looked quite good, but I decided to go the health food route and have fresh strawberries…on my Belgian waffle.

After breakfast, surprise surprise, we went shopping. We should have called this trip ‘shopping across Connecticut’. Maybe we could market the idea to QVC and we could get paid to do this. The Food Network could even pick up the eating portion of our trip as we waddle our way across the country. I think I’m on to something.  If that doesn’t work out, we’ve already sold our first video to Ira down at the Kent Wine & Spirits store.  We’re holding out for a register display.

Whitney informed me that if I could afford a $400 pillow I could bring her a ‘little something’…greedy wench. Of course, I can’t get her something and not everyone else, so the Pandora’s box of gift buying was opened up. I think I need a bigger suitcase.

Our next stop was at the Seven Hearths house which as built in 1751. The painter, George Laurence Walker, lived there for several decades. He specialized in portraits, many of them life sized. There was an entire room with floor to ceiling storage completely filled with his work. The paintings were gorgeous but the actual structure was so slanted that it felt like the Casa Magnetica house from Six Flags. Going down the stairs made you dizzy.

Michael and Bruce had a fundraiser to go to for a couple of hours this evening, so we had a late dinner. Bruce’s brother, John, who is also visiting from North Carolina, helped us hold the fort down while they were gone. In this case, ‘holding down the fort’ included fresh apple cider (made from the apple trees in the yard) and dark rum, followed by vodka tonics, followed by champagne.

Our evening concluded with a humorous discussion about the beaver population at the pond across the road. Apparently the resident beaver family blames Bruce and Michael for one of the little beaver children getting hit by a car. At least they did until Bruce had a talk with them. Little did we know we were in the presence of the Beaver Whisperer.

We leave behind the beaver, the fall foliage and great hosts as we make our way back to Texas tomorrow. I know I speak for us all when I say that we had a fabulous time. Many thanks to Michael and Bruce for letting us invade their lovely home!  Anytime you guys want to see  mistletoe in mesquite, you have a place to stay in Texas.  We love you guys!!!

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New England – Day 3

I have found my target audience…the easily amused.  This group certainly seems to qualify.  We had another great day.

We started the day with mimosas, scrambled eggs, fried fresh apples (straight from the trees out in the yard) and toast with all different jams and jellies….oh and let’s not forget coffee.  I couldn’t get my fix quick enough.  Things get ugly when I don’t get my coffee first thing.  Joe has learned this and has a cup sitting on the bathroom counter when I get out of the shower.  He then quietly backs away, just in case.  It’s a lesson these cretins could learn.

I bought a new pair of low rise jeans with holes in them.  They are young and hip and  I’ve been been assured by the girls that they do not make my butt look big…something a man will look you in the eye and lie about.  Joe says he will be the judge of my butt but he’s a man and can’t be trused to give me the true skinny.  The jeans would come off as a little more hip if you could see the top of a sexy thong in back instead of granny panties.  I’ve decided that henceforth commando is the way only way to go with this particular pair of jeans.

We got away from the house at 12:30…a whole hour earlier than yesterday.  Tomorrow we might make it by 11:30, but I wouldn’t bet Hatch Pond on it.  We headed out to Litchfield, where Kay lived back in the early 90s.  It is a quaint, picturesque little town and the shopping is fabulous.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m the winner…by a mile.  While the others bought trinkets, I bought jeans and a tee and raised them an Italian leather purse and a $400 silk pillow.  Rookies.  In my defense…and I know you’re thinking there is no defense for that kind of extravagance…the pillow is a work of art.  Shopping, lunch, shopping, Kodak moments and more shopping took us happily all day long.

Julia and Michael cooked dinner at the Segar Mountain house tonight.  Bobby Flay has nothing on them.  We might have a new Iron Chef contender.  Homemade pasta sauce over spaghetti squash, fresh mozzarella with home grown tomatoes, and grilled fresh corn that we shucked ourselves.  Kay was a virgin shucker, but we fixed that.  Add wine and checkerboard ganache cake for dessert and that’s Yum with a capital Y.

Tres reports that he is enjoying the pictures and blog but needs more nudity and cowbell.  In response, Joe says if we have a topless pillow fight to please post pictures.  Unfortunately for him, that’s part of the secret girlfriend ritual and pictures are strictly prohibited.  Movies, however, are on sale for $29.99.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Note:  here is a link to all our pictures.  There’s not enough room to post them all to the blog.

New England

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New England – Day 2 Part 2

Rule #1–pack the benedryl.  You would think that there’s no way I could not sleep after a 21 hour day, but you would be wrong.  I’m blaming it on forgetting my benedryl.  I finally fell asleep at about 4:45 and the alarm I forgot to turn off  on my phone went off like clockwork, pardon the pun, at 6:00 a.m. sharp.  The cell phone won’t work here but the alarm works great, so I’ve got that going for me.  The bedside alarm went off at 6:30.  The chainsaw next door started about 7:00.  Sleep is over rated.

Getting up early had its benefits, namely drinking coffee and chatting with Michael and Julia out on the beautiful patio.  Not everyone had trouble sleeping in.  I won’t name names but if you’ve been keeping track, Julia and I were already up.  Anyway, we were locked and loaded and ready to roll at the crack of 1:30.

We went into the village and had a leisurely lunch at the Millstone Restaurant. We started with champagne with blood orange juice and it just got better from there.  After lunch…brace yourself for the surprise…we shopped.  There was one shop that had a warning on the door that there was a resident cat for those allergic.  They needn’t have bothered because the whole place smelled like a huge litter box.  I can’t imagine having cats in a storefront to begin with, but wandering around the $300 Eileen Fisher sweaters is enough to boggle the mind.  The smell was not enough to keep us from finding a few bargains…of course, when you add the cost of fumigation the sale was not all that good.

On the way to the liquor store, Julia did a little bull riding and true to champ she is, stayed on for the full eight seconds.  I rode a swan.  Kay and Leigh have not straddled anything…yet…but the trip is young and there has been talk of a lumberjack.  It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to see the pictures.

Once we had finished turning the bull into a steer, we headed to Michael’s other property at Hatch Pond, which is lake size by Wichita Falls standards.  The property was once an ice plant, back in the days when they actually cut ice from the pond in the winter and shipped it south by rail.  I was really hoping to kayak, but there was a little problem with the equipment, namely the bottom and every other part of the boat being rotten.  Damn, I was so looking forward to that…the one thing I had my heart set on.

I was so distraught over the kayak thing I almost wasn’t able to choke down the fabulous Greek pizza we brought home for dinner.  Luckily, I’ve got vodka tonics to get me through the crisis.

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New England – Day 2

We arrived at the house in Kent at about 3:00 a.m.  I’m not sure since we haven’t been to bed if this should still be considered day one or since it’s way past midnight if it’s technically day two.  Whatever…

Michael was here to greet us.  He is a sweetheart and it was good to see him again.  I’m sure I will be even happier after a few hours of sleep.  There are four bedrooms upstairs, so we each get our own room.  That’s rare for a girl trip.  This place is awesome.  You can feel the history oozing from the beams and creaky floors.  I’ll post more when my funny bone is awake…

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New England Bound!

I am leaving for New England this afternoon and feel a travelogue coming on, so I decided to try my hand at an actual blog site instead of my old standby of mass email.  Somehow I have become slotted into the role of historian for almost every trip I go on these days.  It’s not something I mind and it’s much easier than the travel guide role that Julia usually plays.  If this is your first time reading anything I’ve written you should probably know that the language and content might will be off-color at times.  I cuss like a sailor, to my Mother’s constant regret, so if you are easily offended, cover your eyes when you get to anything objectionable.

This is the first ‘girl trip’ I’ve been on in quite a while.  For years I traveled with my girlfriends almost exclusively, but then I found a man who likes to travel and lives 300 miles from me which made getting out of town with my friends more difficult and less frequent, which is a pity because I’ve got great friends.  So I’m looking forward to this trip with just us girls.  Let the giggling begin!

The participants in this little excursion are Julia Ward, Leigh Kidwell, Kay Sabine and me, Sherree’ Scarlott.  As usual, Julia has done all the legwork and pre-planning.  Saying ‘but she’s so good at it’ is kind of a cop out to excuse myself from the pre-planning work, but it also happens to be true.  I’ve never been on a trip with her that was not made wonderful for all the weeks and sometimes months of  planning she did.  These trips just don’t throw themselves together on their own.  Anyway, Julia’s brother-in-law, Michael,  lives in New York City but has a place in Kent, Connecticut.  It is his place that we are invading.  Here is a link if you have a hankering to see pictures:

This promises to be a long day first day.  We leave Wichita Falls at about 5:00 and don’t land at LaGuardia until about 11:30 tonight.  Once we get to New York, we have to get luggage, pick up our rental car and drive two hours.  I figure that puts us rolling into Kent between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m.  The first flights we looked at did not leave until Thursday morning, but we wouldn’t have gotten into Kent until early afternoon, so we opted to go this afternoon and just sleep until early tomorrow afternoon.  Works for me.

Wednesday, 7:10 p.m

We’ve hit our first snafu. We should be in the air right now but there are storms in the New York area, so instead of flying the friendly skies we are instead sitting on a packed plane waiting for clearance to take off. Where’s first class when you really need it? There will be at least a 30 minute delay. No riots have broken out yet but I figure at least half these people are (damn) Yankees, so one could erupt at any time. I should have brought a helmet and breastplate.

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