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Down for Whatever

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I was tempted to write a four word blog post: Pool Day…enough said. And it would have been enough to anyone that’s ever been on one of our trips, but maybe not for everyone reading this. It is tradition that we take the first day after arriving on island and spend the whole day in the pool twisting off. The thing is, some of us do a half twist, some a pretty respectable twist, but there’s always one, and that person changes every year, that does a forward triple somersault with a twist in the pike position. This year did not disappoint.

We had a really great playlist on the sound system. Joe and I started it one night while discussing what songs you’d have to include for the perfect playlist. We’ve got music ranging from ZZ Top to Willie Nelson, The Beatles to Frank Sinatra, and Bob Seger to Ed Sheeran. We call it “Drunk Requests” and it has grown to about 80 songs. I guess we, as a group, have grown pretty comfortable around each other because there were several songs that we had a sing-a-long with. David Alan Coe’s “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” broke the ice, which judging by our singing abilities should probably have remained unbroken. But the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages, the thing that brought the house down, was Joe rapping along to Ice Cube’s “Down With Whatever” while Eddie did the bump and grind as his backup dancer…and Eddie’s got moves. I wish someone had gotten a video, although the imagine is burned into my brain, for eternity I’m afraid.

As the day wore on, it became apparent who the winner of this year’s Twister Award would be. I don’t want to name names but his bartending duties were curtailed in the public interest…namely ours. This house is stunning, but there are something like 53 steps from the top level to the bottom, and when the house manager tells you during the initial house tour to call him instead of an ambulance because the “ambulance can’t find the place,” it gives you pause. I mean, how do they know that? And how many times did it take to figure it out? Every time Twister got too close to the infinity edge of the pool or the stairs, we got nervous. Real nervous. At our age, tucking and rolling down the stairs is probably not going to end well…and tucking was beyond his abilities at this point anyway. Instead of retractable bug screens, what we really need are retractable baby gates on the stairs. 

We ended the evening around the fire pit on the lower level. Hanging out at the pool all day really takes it out of you. It was a good day and no one broke a hip. That ranks as a success for Pool Day.



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  1. That place is breathtaking!!

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