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Iguana, the Chicken of the Trees


This is our adventure day. Part of the group is doing zip lining and tubing and part a hike through the national park. Do these people even know me? Do any of these activities sound like anything I would be remotely interested in? The answer to both is no.

Breakfast was at 6:45 and we were on the bus by 7:15, which should have been anotherred flag. Ray and Tracy are our two guides for the day. The zip line includes about a dozen lines with climbing walls up to the platforms and two sections you have to repel down. Sign me the hell up! 

Ray gave us lots of handy tips on the drive. For example, don’t forget to cover up with sunscreen so you will stay forever young. Too late! Also, you must wear close toed shoes to zip line. You’d think this would be a problem for Vibe as she only wears heels (I’ve seen her climb a mountain in those things) and I have no doubt that she will be able to talk them in to letting her wear them. I just hope someone takes a picture of her on the climbing wall.

We dropped off the zip line group and headed for the national park. Our guide was great and knowledgeable about all the native plants and animals in Costa Rica. Not only does Ray speak Spanish, German and English but he is fluent in monkey and bird. We saw iguanas, or as they call them here, the chicken of the trees. We also saw more exotic species including white faced monkeys, several species of birds including a Toucan, tarantulas, blue butterflies, volcanic mud pits with boiling mud, babbling brooks, and a waterfall. The  scenery was spectacular. The heat and humidity were also spectacular. I have probably been hotter, but never wetter. I could have wrung my shirt out. I had sweat running places it should not run. The hike was also about five miles long, uphill, both ways. By the last mile, and the fiftieth time we stopped to bird call, I wondered if it would be bad form to say, “Fuck this shit” and head to the car.

 We met up with our zip liners who didn’t hear the fine print about the climbing walls and the repelling. I would have lost my bet on Vibe as she actually traded in her heels for water shoes. I think the zip line kicked their proverbial butts.

We split up again for white water tubing and a tour of the snake terrariums and butterfly garden. You might think that the tour would be wussy next to the tubing, but the only thing standing between us and certain death was a thin layer of plexiglass. It also added another mile to my already tired feet.

We met for lunch at a nearby restaurant after all the ‘fun.’ Earlier in the bus trip our guide asked if anyone was vegetarian. I replied, “Vegetarian? We’re from Texas. We eat a whole cow every day.”

Our last stop was for mud baths and volcanic hot springs. I smell bad enough without rubbing mud all over myself and as for the hot springs, I am so hot I may never be cool again. The idea of getting in a lobster pot holds no allure. I think I’ll pass. Nubb, however, was enthusiastically going for it. He was slathered from head to toe and headed over to me with his arms open wide for a big bear hug. I called his bluff and leaned in for the hug. It ruined my shirt, but it was totally worth it for the look on his face.

On the way back, we were chatting with one of the tour guides and discovered she also teaches boxing. She invited us to come to one of her classes tomorrow. I suggested she just whip my ass when we got back to the villa to save me the trip.

Every time we come back from an outing, the staff meets us with drinks and people to help with our bags. You could get spoiled. And speaking of spoiled, dinner was corn soup, followed by beef tenderloin with chimichurri sauce, grilled eggplant and sliced potatoes with melted cheese. Dessert was chocolate soufflé. Every night we think this is the best, and then they top it.





2 thoughts on “Iguana, the Chicken of the Trees

  1. What a beautiful place and adventure! Thanks Sherree’ for your daily update and creative descriptive writing!šŸ˜„ā¤ļøšŸ˜„

  2. Love reading and laughing about your adventures!!! You should seriously write a book!!!

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