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I’m No Mona Lisa

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I can’t report any big outing for today, but when you are staying at a house like this, it makes it hard to work up the ‘want to’ to go anywhere else, so we didn’t. The first day and a half they had the pool heater set to the Hotter than a Thousand Suns setting. Today it had finally cooled off and was perfect. The laughter was flowing even more profusely than the drinks. At one point we were trying to get a picture of all the girls in the pool. Even the simplest tasks take on a new challenge when you get to be our age. Monkeypoo was in charge of the camera but without his glasses he couldn’t tell if he was getting a good picture or not. Meanwhile we were trying to hold a geriatric pyramid pose, which consists of just leaning over someone’s back instead of standing on their shoulders…you go with what you’ve still got. Anyway, it was taking what seemed to be an inordinately long amount of time to get the shot, so I popped off, “You’re not Ansel Adams, just take the damn picture.” I thought that was a quite a witty comment and was rather proud of myself until he came back with, “And you’re no Mona Lisa.” Ouch! Monkeypoo is going down.

Eleanor received a text from her office that one of the guys taking care of things while they are out of town had accidentally given a sales rep a tea bag instead of a business card. He then said to tell Single Malt that they were enjoying the new office margarita machine. Eleanor just sent back a picture of Misch saying, “This is our margarita machine.” I like ours better.

I couldn’t tell you everything funny that happened today, but we were physically worn out from laughing. I didn’t know that was possible, but it’s a good kind of tired. 

The day ended with a slow rain and dinner on the patio. There was even key lime pie. It’s like all the planets aligned to make the perfect day.







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