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Beached Boys

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The howler monkeys made a visit to the house early this morning. They were in the trees, one mountain over, most of yesterday afternoon. Nubb kept doing his Tarzan yell to try to entice them to join us, but they were having none of it. We watched them off and on through binoculars for a couple of hours. Someone wondered aloud what they were thinking, looking back at us watching them. Joe: “Probably to hell with this Darwin thing, if that’s the end game, why evolve.” Anyway, this morning they showed up at the house to see what kind of idiots they were dealing with. Luckily, a couple of people had cameras at the ready.

Today is our boat day, and odds are the cook won’t have to feed all twelve us tonight. If history is any indicator, someone will be down for the count before we get back to the house. We left the house a few minutes before 2pm to meet the boat at the beach. My very good friend did not tell me until we showed up at the airport to leave that there was no dock and we would have to ‘wade’ out to the catamaran. Seriously WTF? I’m short and I don’t swim so unless the water is extremely shallow, there’s an excellent chance of me being towed like a beached whale out to sea. Next year I will be asking specific pre-trip questions. First question, will there be a dock? Luckily, they sent a skiff for us, but that was no picnic as it took two people to hold it steady enough to board and you had to hurry and get on that sucker between waves. Fun times. Because the waves were so big they had to take us in two trips. The girls and the Wanderer went first without incident. We were then able to watch the remaining guys get beached several times before finally launching. That’s when the Wanderer came up with the name of today’s blog…Beached Boys.

The coast of this part of Costa Rica doesn’t really lend itself to our normal bar/island hopping crawl, but that doesn’t mean it was boring. On our sail out to the snorkeling hole, Single Malt, as we call him, caught a nice sized black tuna. Ceviche for everyone! The resulting fish cleaning left the pool noodles a little worse for wear. I heard someone remark that they were going to need a blood free noodle. And really, who doesn’t? Snorkeling and floating, with recently cleaned equipment, was enjoyed by those who actually like swimming with the fishes. I watched and captured the Kodak moments. 

By the time everyone was back onboard, a little thunderstorm was blowing in. The ride back was kind of like a ride at Six Flags or the bucking bronc at Billy Bob’s. Oddly enough, the rough seas didn’t scare me as much as the thought of the drive back up the mountain. By the time we got back to the cove, the rain was over and we were able to enjoy a sunset through rain clouds. Even though we were barefoot, we looked like we had on men’s dress socks after walking the black sand beach back to the van.

We made it back to the villa just in time to enjoy another fabulous meal and rehash the day’s events. Wish you were here.





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