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Eat, Float, Drink, Repeat…

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Ok, here’s the deal, from this point forward we all have code names to protect the innocent and give the guilty plausible deniability.  Some people might be tempted to hold back to try to escape the blog and we wouldn’t want that. This is vacation after all. If you can figure out who is who, it’s not my fault.

To begin, and I’m just puttin’ this out there because there’s no other way to break this kind of news, but someone brought a big ol’ vibrator. Just when you think you know this group and nothing they do could surprise you…BOOM! A vibrator isn’t something most people would bring down to breakfast, no matter how close those friendships are, but that’s just how Vibe rolls. It wasn’t long before people were lining up to get pounded…on their back, shoulders or neck naturally.

This would be a good time to tell you how awesome the coffee is here. There is a huge Jura espresso machine that will grind fresh Costa Rican beans for you, then give you a triple shot of espresso followed by steamed milk. It was prior knowledge of this masterpiece of caffeinated wonder that tipped the scales for me to sign up for the trip. Totally worth it. Second breakfast, at the outdoor kitchen veranda, with fresh squeezed juices and everything you could think of for breakfast burritos didn’t suck either.

After breakfast, three of the guys decided to go for a walk. First there was a lengthy discussion of the dangers of Costa Rica, including the fact that it has more varieties of poisonous snakes than any country in the world, including a couple that will drop you dead in your tracks. After the calls back home to check on the status of life insurance policies, the boys were on their way. Kind of…they lost who, for purposes of this blog, shall be called The Wanderer before even leaving the house. Wanderer was told that they were waiting for him ‘down there’ which was meant to convey the lower level of the house, but the Wanderer took ‘down there’ to mean the bottom of the hill. Unknown to the rest of us, he takes off at a run to catch up. All the while, the other two were waiting on the lower veranda. It took binoculars to find him and a van to pick him up and drag him back uphill where they all started off again, together this time. If I were the Wanderer, I’d have found some shade and waited for them to catch up to me.

Traditionally we spend our first full day hanging at the pool. I must say, the bartender improves the experience exponentially. It’s always fun and one of our favorite days and this year was no different. I caught part of a conversation and according to Eleanor, “It’s the blood splatter that always gets you.” I didn’t ask. I wouldn’t want to turn in any of my friends. I’d much rather provide bail money.  Also, its nice knowing I have a friend that could help me move a body.

The food has been fabulous. Lunch was a shrimp and quinoa salad with pesto dressing and garlic bread. Dinner was squash soup, sea bass poached with plantains and corn salsa in banana leaves, broccoli and a pan fried potato-like root vegetable topped with Cuban onion salsa. Dessert was tres leches cake with meringue topping. Sooooo good!


The tip about watching out for scorpions turned out to be well founded. Knotty (because she has a big knot on her neck and I like the double entendre) nearly stepped on what in Texas we’d call a ‘big un’ in her bathroom floor. Then at dinner, Nubb (aka Two Inches of Terror) found one under the table. The time spent last night looking under the covers doesn’t seem so silly now. Until tomorrow…


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