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Soggy Dollar or Bust!

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  We missed the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke on our sailboat ride Monday. That could not stand. It’s practically tradition. To remedy our oversight we headed out on the 10am ferry to Jost. The ferry boat was not really up to our standards, but we were ready to make sacrifices to reach those white sand beaches and rum drinks. On the ferry I met a fellow blogger, and not just any blogger, but a CAT blogger. Yes, they actually exist. I nearly spit water out my nose. All I could think is that I hope she doesn’t read my last post. I don’t think she would find the Great Cat Massacre as funny as we did.

At the Soggy Dollar, most people arrive by boat and swim in, which is where the bar gets its name. This wasn’t an option by ferry but it did afford us a taxi ride up the mountain and around to the beach. The view when we came around the corner was breathtaking. 

 We snagged a great table and the painkillers and the laughter began flowing. It was a great way to spend three hours…unfortunately we were there 3 1/2 hours. In my defense, I was doing pretty good until someone bought me a margarita. Mixing rum and tequila…not my most brilliant move. Then, my so called friends started feeding me Kailua shots. I don’t do shots. Let me reiterate. I. Do. Not. Do. Shots.  It was not pretty. And that my friends is pretty much all I know about yesterday.  Fortunately, someone (I hope Joe) saw me safely to my room where I was ready to join the group again in a short 16 hours. 


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