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That ain’t right…


An adventurous six of our group headed out yesterday morning for snorkeling at Smuggler’s Cove. The other four slugs, of which I’m one, stayed at the house. I discovered two things drifting in the hammock…you can actually be too lazy to read and you get a really nice design on the backs of your legs from of the cords of the hammock. #1stworldproblems 

 When I could be lazy no more, Joe and I walked down to Pusser’s for a lunchtime Painkiller, or what I now call the Filter Eraser. There was a large group at the bar who reminded me a lot of our group actually. However, it wasn’t quite noon and a few of them were already well on their way to being toasted. The conversation they were having was quite entertaining. I really wasn’t eavesdropping because they were shouting, not only across the bar at each other, but all the way down the boardwalk at their wives to please quit shopping. There was nothing about these people I didn’t know before they piled into a single dinghy and headed for their boat. I can’t tell you if they all made it or not, but I can tell you that dinghy was loaded down.

As we ordered a light snack, Joe remarked that we might actually lose weight on this trip because we haven’t really had too many full meals. I said that’s because whenever we’ve found ourselves at a restaurant we’ve had to decide whether we wanted to spend our money on eating or drinking…and drinking is winning.

  I didn’t need to worry about the snorkeling group starving. They ended up at a restaurant where Tres had three bushwhackers at 525 calories each. Also, the restaurant offered chocolate mousse and tiramisu for dessert. Tres couldn’t decide, so he got both. I would give a million dollars for his metabolism.

Once we were all back home, it was pool time. This time the subject strayed to pets where Julia told us about a chow named Shasta she once owned. I can’t tell you how many people he actually bit because I lost count, but I know that one of Tres’ groomsmen ended up in the emergency room the night before their wedding. I can also tell you he was single-pawedly responsible for the Great Charlie Cat Massacre of 1982 where 14 out of 18 of Julia’s neighbor’s cats tragically lost all nine lives. I’m guessing they were not sorry to see her move.

We ended the day with our traditional beef tenderloin dinner. We bring the meat frozen in our luggage every year because it’s impossible to find good beef here. Our total tonnage for food this year was only 79 pounds, down from our high in Turks & Caicos two years ago of 110 pounds. By this time in our week, we are ready for some good Texas beef. After dinner, we played Cards Against Humanity. I’ve never seen Tres laugh to the point of not being able to speak before. The game was very funny, but also disturbing. If it can make make me blush, it’s pretty out there. The people who came up with some of those answers ain’t  right.

2 thoughts on “That ain’t right…

  1. I love that game but DO NOT recommend playing with your children …, at Christmas

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