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Yesterday was full of activity so today was another day of relaxing at the house. We wouldn’t want to overtax ourselves. Being  glutens for punishment, some of us walked down the hill to go to Pusser’s for lunch. The mall walking I’ve been doing sporadically back home has not prepared me for the mountains of Tortola. My altimeter says we’re at 295′ and you drop to sea level in about 1/2 a mile. Considering about half of that is mostly level, that’s a couple of pretty steep declines. I don’t remember the trip down hurting my knees quite as much five years ago. Next time, I’m bringing my rappelling equipment. Luckily, Eddie brought a group of wimps down in the car and he offered to carry my lard ass back up. 

 Once everyone was back, I found a shady hammock to do some reading while everyone else was at the pool. I heard lots of laughter and talk of something called an “Eddie sandwich.”  I was tempted to go hear the story about exactly what makes up an Eddie sandwich, but luckily for him and probably the folks back home, I was just too comfortable to move. His story stays on Tortola…for now. 

 We hired a chef from a local restaurant to come in and cook dinner for us. Our views and veranda are better than any place we could go out to eat. We actually kind of got cleaned up for the event. Except for Tres, who as you might expect, left to his own devices, didn’t bring a nice shirt. He wore a Pine Cove church camp tee shirt that Julia made him wear wrong side out. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Our menu was four courses. Conch fritters for appetizers and seafood gumbo for the soup course. The main event was local Anagoda lobster, which was served split right down the middle. As Tres remarked, it’s all about that tail. Dessert was mango cheesecake which might have been as good as the lobster. It was all delicious although I don’t think a couple of the girls were expecting the lobster to be staring at them. 

 After dessert, queue the cigars and single barrel whiskey, at least for the guys. I don’t want to smoke one, but I sure do love the smell of a good cigar. We spent a couple of hours laughing and talking, where Dave S clinched the Asshat of the Day award. Somehow we were talking about the new provacative Viagra commercials and he said something to the effect that if all women looked like that, there wouldn’t be any need for the product. Boom!  Asshat winner right there. Poor Dave. We ragged on him the rest of the night. It’s great to have friends you can tease unmercifully.

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