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Gloria, who runs this place like a well oiled machine, had a beautiful and tasty breakfast ready for us on the veranda this morning. Being here does not suck. It’s hard to work up a worry in this setting. I can see why the island attitude seems to be “whatever…whenever.” 


I told the group this morning that I don’t know what I’m going to write about today but I need them to do something funny. Joe said that this is our relax and drink by the pool day so it’s a given that someone will do something stupid. My blog will probably just write itself. We shall see.


 Our first day after a full day of travel is typically spent chillaxing around the pool. A small contingent of misfits made their way down to Sopher’s Hole for ice and a few sundries. As you might expect, this group goes through copious amounts of ice, which has a half life of approximately a nanosecond once it’s out of the freezer. Anyway, after a stop at Pusser’s for drinks, they found “butt magnets” at the store. What do you do with butt magnets but have an Asshat of the Day Award? Tres wins the first award for his cannonball stunt. 

We laughed so much today I had tears running down my legs. I could you tell more about what was so funny but you just had to be there, plus I’ve forgotten most of it. I really need to write this stuff down as it happens. Dave Shatzer reached his limit for hearing “All About That Bass” and “Love Shack” about  mid-afternoon, which he swears have both played about a bazillion times since yesterday afternoon. I think he would have listened to Abba’s greatest hits by that point. We took pity on him, switched from our Five Greatest Hits playlist, made another batch of Painkillers. The next thing we knew he was sacked out in a hammock…next to the kitchen where “Love Shack” started playing on the radio! He cannot escape that tune. You can run but you can’t hide. We should just make it our anthem. 


Ray and Brenda Styles, who are actually from Wichita Falls, came to dinner along with a girl who captains one of his boats and another friend. Tomorrow is a full day of sailing on his catamaran. He says it should be a perfect day for sailing. We took another group picture at dinner. If you compare it to this morning, it is obvious we either need to quit drinking or quit taking pictures.  


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