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The Last of 2014


DSCF1259Since I didn’t write much in 2014, I feel like I ought to do some kind of wrap-up, but honestly I just haven’t been able to work myself up for it. The year was full of highs…the birth of another granddaughter, Jolee…a writer’s conference…a girl trip to NYC…parties…holidays…weddings…friends…laughter. Many great memories, but sadly, when I think of 2014, the one event that seems to overshadow everything is the death of friends Debi and John Weaver and their daughter, Courtney in a small airplane crash in August. Just as everyone remembers what they were doing when the Challenger Exploded or the first plane hit the twin towers, I will always associate 2014 with that tragedy. On a world scale, it wasn’t a big news event, but in my world, it was huge. There hasn’t been a day since that I have not thought of them and grieved. I mostly remember the laughter and fun, but in the midst of the laughter, I am reminded of just how much all of us, the multitude who counted them as friends, lost that day. I miss Debi Weaver…every single day.

I have experienced enough tragedy in life to know that things get easier with the passing of time. I know that 2015 will be better. I know that soon I will be able to think of something funny Debi said without the accompanying lump in my throat. I also know that you never forget those you love. I suspect I will think of my friend and her family every day for a long time to come.

3 thoughts on “The Last of 2014

  1. I understand….that is huge. Yours is a fitting remembrance. I’d be fortunate if someone felt that way about me when I pass.

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  2. All of what you said is true and right. Wishing you a joyful and happy 2015 with more blessings and fewer tragedies. Love You!

  3. Debi was one of a kind, I guess I knew her most of her life. My son and her son were the same age and at one time we lived across the street from each other when the boys were young. Debi was a hoot and you were never around her that she didn’t make you laugh. She is missed everyday, so glad I had the time I had with her. She was a special friend! Thanks for remembering her and John and Courtney!

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