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I’m Joining the Rockettes

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What is better than walking the streets of New York for another day? Walking it in the rain. We’ve actually had wonderful weather this week and the rain only lasted a little past noon, so I can’t complain. We slept with the window open and the rain was romantic to wake up to. Unfortunately our men aren’t here. Linda didn’t act weird around me today so I must have behaved myself.

Sleeping with the window open might not have been our best course of action since there appeared to be a party/fight/make-out session (not necessarily in that order) out on the sidewalk. Things didn’t quiet down until well after 2:00am, finally breaking up because of the rain. I kept expecting to see someone at the window with a gun, then I remembered that you can’t have a gun in NYC. I’m certain they were all law-abiding citizens…

We didn’t get shot in our sleep and made it safely  to the subway, where we were treated to some great live music. Julia busted a move which probably accounted for the looks we were getting from the locals. A tour of Radio City Music Hall was first on our agenda. Julia once again picked the perfect activity. The tour was wonderful! There is not a bad seat in the house, literally.  We even had a question and answer session with a real live Rockette and she was lucky enough to have her picture made with us. We found out that the youngest you can be is 18, but there is no upper limit on age because you must try out every year. They wanted me, they really did, but I am 5″ under the minimum height requirement, plus my high kick is approximately 12″ off the ground. Damn the bad luck. I think I might also have heard a comment, something about falling ad breaking a hip, but I couldn’t be sure.

Lunch was at the Rockefeller Plaza Cafe where we had rinkside seats and most excellent Pumpkin Spiced Punch. We split up after lunch with Julia, Kay and Carla going back down to the 9/11 Museum. Meanwhile, the rest of us briefly hit some shopping, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the New York City Library,  the Empire State Building and drinks on 5th Avenue.  

We finished the evening with a fine meal in authentic New York style at a quaint, but elegant, small neighborhood place and another equally quaint dessert bar. No burgers tonight. 

Our limo will be here to pick us up at 6:00am and I’m tired, so I’m keeping this short. Thanks to Julia for once again planning a stellar girl trip. She hit all the right notes with this one. I’ll leave you with the quote of the day, and maybe the entire trip, which I overheard at Rockefeller Center where a mother was attempting to document her two daughters in front of the ice skating rink. One was grinning ear to ear and the other was  tears-running-down-her-face sobbing. Trying to capture a happy moment, the mother said to the sobbing girl, “Quit your crying and just look normal!” That’s a life lesson right there, courtesy of the streets of New York. See you back in Texas!

One thought on “I’m Joining the Rockettes

  1. I want your restaurant list!!

    Too bad about the Rockettes. Now that you wear Athleta pants that make your butt look so good, they are really missing out. Height should be irrelevant.

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