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The Cutest Shoes I’ll Never Wear

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We started the morning 10 minutes behind schedule, which was early for us. Our helicopter tour took off at 9:00 and it was fabulous. We were blessed with a clear blue sky. The Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, Ellis Island and views of the city could not have been better. Afterwards, we found the nearest Starbucks, then it was Battery Park, shoe shopping, lunch in the financial district, followed by more shoe shopping through Soho and all the way back to the East Village. Suffice it to say that there was no shoe left untried. I even ended up with the cutest pair of sandals ever, but they have two straps that buckle around each ankle and being the lazy slug that I am, I will probably never wear them. I had good intentions of returning to Texas without new shoes of any kind, but these girls are the worst influence.

Tonight we went to the Broadway show Kinky Boots. Michael and Bruce met us there. It was a great show and couldn’t have been more appropriate for a group of women all sitting there in new kinky boots. The show was followed by dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant, where they have never met a hot pepper they didn’t like. I won’t say the food was an inferno, but Bruce had tears in his eyes and I don’t think it was because we were saying goodbye.

I discovered that going to a Broadway show gives you delusions of grandeur. Thinking we could sing, we broke into the theme song from Gilligan’s Island, telling Bruce about about tomorrow’s three hour walking tour. That would have been enough for most mere mortals, but in Times Square watching some unfortunate soul get loaded into an ambulance, we sang Another One Bites Dust. We are fun, not compassionate. 

Speaking of ambulances, we were either nearly run over by a cab, or were in a cab that was doing the running over, several times during the course of the day. I decided to do a little research. In 2013, there were 16,059 pedestrians hit by cars in New York City and of those 178 died. Those are staggering statistics. We probably should have considered running shoes instead of boots today.

I have bloody stumps where my toes once were. By the time we got back to the apartment, according to Linda’s FitBit app, we had walked 20,289 steps or 8.2 miles, taken 26 sets of stairs and burned 2106 calories and that was just looking for a bathroom. Damn! I should have gotten dessert.

One thought on “The Cutest Shoes I’ll Never Wear

  1. That may be your best one ever! Loved it.

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