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Long Awaited Poem

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I used to write quite a bit of poetry.  One of my favorite subjects was the birth of a grand child.  I’d write a poem for each specific child.  I’m a couple of grand kids behind right now, but that’s another story.

Debi would frequently say, “Those kids can’t even read! Where’s my poem?”  I always told her someday I would write one for her. To my shame, I waited too long.  I think it’s the human condition to always think there’s going to be time.  Even though it’s late, just like she always was, I hope she would like it.

Your Long Awaited Poem

In memory of Debi, John & Courtney Weaver
August 18, 2014
by Sherree’ Rogers


Colors seem a bit more muted
As dawn breaks ‘or this day
A piece of us uprooted
Because you’ve gone away

You found the best in every one
Of your collected friends
Now we stand together broken
From grief that has no end

The world was brilliant with you in it
When laughter won the day
And your most amazing spirit
Is the gift we take away

You’d say to mourn, then get over it
Let our hearts not be forlorn
Let joyful souls be re-lit
And our laughter be reborn

Someday we’ll do just as you wish
Our memories filled with smiles
But today we’re filled with anguish
Our happiness exiled

One day we’ll play and laugh again
As cherished memories fill the dawn
Still, the stars won’t shine as brilliant then
The brightest ones are gone



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