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March from Heaven and Hell

March 2014 was a month of contrasts, interwoven with the worst and the best that life offers.  The first week of the month saw me traveling to Wichita Falls, and subsequently Terral, Oklahoma, for a baby shower for my youngest daughter, Whitney. Baby Jolee will be grandchild number seven for Joe and I. Christmas is officially out of hand.

Whitney is a diagnostician for an educational co-op service center and she was on spring break, so Sunday following the baby shower, she, my granddaughter Preslee, my Mother and my dog Cash all headed back to Midland for a “short vacation.”  All I can say is if you consider Midland to be a vacation, you seriously need a new travel agent.

We hadn’t been back to what I call “the REAL Windy City” an hour when I got a text from my daughter Courtney that they were on their way to the emergency room and thought her daughter Mia might have dislocated her elbow. It turned out to be much worse.  She had a bad break and the hospital in Allen sent her by ambulance to Cook’s Children Hospital in Dallas, where she had surgery to insert two pins. Mia, who is five, was climbing into the playpen to entertain her baby sister while her Mom cooked dinner, when she slipped and fell, coming down on her elbow. Ouch!

Monday passed uneventfully and we settled in to Whitney’s visit for what we assumed would be leisurely shopping, interspersed with park-going for Preslee. We were right, up until lunch on Tuesday, when Whitney sprung a leak…not a good thing when you’re only 7 months into what you hope is a 9 month pregnancy. My stepdaughter, Kori, who just happens to be a great labor and delivery nurse was a godsend and got us in to see the right people. Long story short, Whitney and her entourage were allowed to head back to Wichita Falls the next day. Her doctor sent her directly to the hospital for two weeks or labor, whichever comes first. Apparently, there’s a world of difference between a baby delivered at 32 weeks and one delivered at 34 weeks. We’re hoping Jolee stays put a couple more weeks.


On the following Monday, I headed to Allen to take care of Mia and her broken arm for what was her spring break. I have to say, we had a great time. How could it not be when there was shopping, fine dining, pedicures and ice cream involved? It was our first extended ‘just Mia and Honey’ time and we rocked it. We will definitely be doing that again, without the broken arm next time. It was also educational as I now know all the dialog and music from “Frozen” and “High School Musical 1,2, and 3.”  On a side note, I’ve now watched Frozen with both a four and a five year old. The “watch out for my butt!” line was the funniest thing in the movie for both of them, AND for me.  This seems to confirm Joe’s contention that I’m easily amused.

By the end of the week I was missing my man, so instead of driving straight to Wichita Falls for Whitney’s scheduled c-section on Tuesday, I decided to drive back to Midland for the weekend. Joe has been great about me being gone so much but he was happy to see his “drive-by wife.”  Last week I was his “blonde couch bunny.”  I think I’ve been demoted.

On Monday I headed out again for the birth of Jolee, scheduled for Tuesday, March 25. Once the baby gets to this stage, the risk of infection starts outweighing the good of staying put, so we’re a go no matter what.  You always hope for the best in these situations, but you can’t help but worry.  God was watching out for Jolee and her mom because we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  Jolee weighed in at 5 pounds 2 ounces, was 17″ long (or maybe I should say short), had a full head of hair, and best of all was mad as hell at being so rudely evicted…and she made sure everyone knew it. She’s a feisty little thing. She’s on a cpap machine to help regulate her respiration for right now, but both the pediatrician and respiratory therapist say she’s doing great, so we’re hoping her stay in the NICU unit is short. Whitney is also doing great, which is good because she’s going to need energy to get through the next couple of weeks…not to mention the next 18 years or so.

March brought us broken arms, hospital stays, and the anxiety of worrying about children and grandchildren, but it also brought us good outcomes, answered prayers, quality time with granddaughters and a sweet new baby girl.  The fact I went from “blonde couch bunny” to “drive-by wife” in less than 30 days is a small price to pay…and I have a feeling I can work my way back up.