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I’ve Got Friends in Old Places

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You might think our first stop on our first morning in historic Williamsburg would be someplace, well, historic. Not so. Instead, we stopped by a Batteries Plus Bulbs store because Julia left the battery pack for her camera charging…in Wichita Falls. While she ran in to get a battery, I noticed that just down from us was a Medifast Clinic, which was right next to Duck Donuts. Talk about being conflicted, not to mention cruel. What in the hell are Duck Donuts anyway? Are they actually made from duck or simply sponsored by those guys from Duck Dynasty? I just don’t know.

Once Julia’s camera issue was resolved, we headed out to Colonial Williamsburg so that Mother could reconnect with old friends like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. And let me tell you, Jefferson is not very happy about what we’ve done lately to the Constitution. I must admit that I developed a liking for knee pants and stockings. I have a thing for men’s legs…and arms, and behinds, and…well, you get the picture. I don’t think that was what I was supposed to be getting from the whole colonial experience, but there you go. I’m a cretin. I’d like to find Joe a pair of knickers, but the closest I’ve come is a pair of yoga tights. Not the same thing at all.

We toured the Governor’s Palace and walked through a good deal of Colonial Williamsburg, stopping to eat fish and chips at Dog Street Pub. There was some shopping in the area, so of course, we had to browse for a while. One of the things you don’t expect to see in the marketplace at Colonial Williamsburg is Talbots. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t filled with long aprons and bonnets, but alas, it was the same stuff I could find in Midland.

We spent a good deal of time at the Bruton Parrish Church, which is the second oldest church in the U.S. and has had uninterrupted services since it began back before the Revolutionary War.  Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe were all members. There are still over 2000 members and they have four or five services every Sunday. I know all this because the docent that was talking to us was from Dallas and was glad to be talking to someone besides a “Yankee.”

Our favorite purchase of the day was from The Peanut Shop and came in the form of White Chocolate Cashew Toffee Brittle, or as we like to call it “crack.” We had to go to dinner just to quit eating it, which is pretty ironic if you think about it.

Mother has been a real trouper. I think we came close to wearing her butt out today, but she never threw in the towel and asked to go back to the condo. I am impressed. We’ll have to do see if we can do better tomorrow.


One thought on “I’ve Got Friends in Old Places

  1. Love reading your posts! Have a blast and give your mom a hug from me!

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