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Day 3 – When Old Friends are New Again

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I heard that the Daves went fishing early this morning.  It’s probably true because Dave K asked if I would be up at 6:50 to take them to meet the fishing boat. Only if you mean P.M., Skippy. They were gone when I got up at 9:00, so I can only assume the fish are quaking in their little boots by now.

The remaining men went snorkeling after breakfast, where Eddie and Joe learned they are no match for Tres.  I think either one of them could take him in a drinking contest, but not in the water. Tres is Patrick Duffy in the Man from Atlantis, webbed fingers and all.

While planning our trip, Julia discovered that some friends, Dewayne & Chris Travelstead, from Wichita Falls have a place here.  They came over this afternoon and we had a great time getting reacquainted. Tres and Dewayne went snorkeling while the girls hung out in the pool, where Chris gave us some handy grocery shopping tips.  Apparently, you just have to know what aisles to be on.  Who knew?  The other guys left the snorkeling to the pros and did what they do best…red solo cups. It was a lively and fun afternoon for all.

As it turned out, the fish needn’t have worried.  Every year the Daves book a fishing trip, but to date I have seen no evidence of any actual fishing. They could just as easily be attending high tea with the Queen. I could be wrong but I’ve heard that fishing usually involves either eating the catch or at least getting a picture holding up a fish.  So far, nada.  You have to give them kudos for persistence, eternal optimism and keeping the guides of several islands going in the off season. 

At this point, I have to eat my words just a little.  Apparently, Dave K caught a bone fish and has actual photographic evidence.  I think it was photoshopped.

One thought on “Day 3 – When Old Friends are New Again

  1. Hahahaha!! Tell the Travelstead’s hello from the Seller’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

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