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Say Hello to My Little Friend

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Meet my friend Ben.  Ben is very well traveled for a bottle of topical analgesic.  He came home with me last year from the Bahamas after valiantly waging battle against the nastiest of all insects, no-see-ums.  Oh, the no-see-ums won handily, but I brought Ben home with me in spite of our crushing defeat and the 100+ bites on my legs and feet.

Julia has run recon for us and supposedly there is not a problem with no-see-ums on Turks & Caicos, but tiny mosquitoes are another thing.  So, Ben will be flying to the Caribbean with me on Saturday…along with Woody, my new friend, who happens to be a can of Deep Woods Off.  I can tell you from experience, if you need them they are worth their weight in gold.

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