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More spoiled than a porn star…

I will just mention right here that Joe is the greatest guy in the world and that I’m spoiled by almost any standard. Well, maybe not Kate Middleton standards, but at least as spoiled as the princess of a small poor country. I actually Googled ‘small poor country’ which led me to Peru. I wanted to give you an actual name for comparison sake, so next I Googled ‘Peruvian princess’ but the only hit I got was for Alexa Amore, who it turns out is really a Peruvian porn star. I’m no doubt way more spoiled than her, but I didn’t want to be associated with the porn industry, so I didn’t use her name for my comparison. Anyway, you can ask any of my friends and they’ll be happy to confirm that I’m more spoiled than a porn star. And it’s really Joe’s fault, but I forgive him.

My birthday is coming up and I happend to mentioned that my three year old laptop is running like molasses. Not in the same breath or even the same conversation mind you, because I NEVER voluntarily bring up my birthday. I was not fishing for a new laptop. No, I was not! It was just a coincidence. Really it was, but as you might have guessed by now, I have a new laptop on the way, compliments of my sweetheart. And it’s not just any old laptop, it’s the brand new MacBook Pro with the retina display, 8G of ram and a 512G solid state hard drive. If you are a techo-nerd, you are salivating right now. The only downside is that there is a three to four week wait to get one. Even Alexis Amore would have to wait, although I bet Kate Middleton already has one, the bitch. They are that popular…among the spoiled crowd. Now that I think about it, the delay puts the arrival at least a couple of weeks past my actual birthday, so maybe this doesn’t count as my birthday gift after all. No, that would just be my spoiled brat talking. It is definitely my birthday gift. Thank you sweetie for making me more spoiled than a Peruvian porn star! Just remember that it’s all your fault, but I love you for it.