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Day 6 – A 1000 Ways to Die, Episode “Bugged Off”

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I posted my blog last night before I had a chance to report on the Fantastic Farkel Fiasco, which is a dice game. The Holcomb’s thought they had the game wrapped up when an obscure rule gave the Shatzer’s one more roll and Judy had a well-timed hot streak and made up an almost 3000 point deficit in one turn to take the game. I smell a re-match tonight.

The day started with Beryl’s homemade brown sugar banana waffles. All I can say is “wow”! We had a masseuse come to the house for massages in the tiki hut by the pool, and today was the guys’ day. They report it was a big success. We women are looking forward to our own massage day on Saturday.

The rest of the day was just spent hanging out at the house. Tres had a close encounter with a 4 foot shark while snorkeling. That shark report is making me rethink the whole kayak thing. In fact, it might take me out of the kayaking game for good…either that, or I’m going to need a bigger boat.

I have been dealing with about 1,000 bug bites that are itching me to death. I took three Advil, three benedryll and slathered myself in anti-itch cream before going to bed last night, but I still didnt sleep more than an hour, and Joe woke up at least three times and told me to “quit it!” I guess my scratching was disturbing his beauty sleep. To be fair, I’m far from the only one dealing with the little buggers. The bugs in question are called no-see-ums, otherwise known as sand flies, and I hate them…a lot. I discovered that if you stay in the pool, the bites don’t itch, however, that doesn’t seem like a workable long-term solution.

Moving on, between the two of them, Dave S. and Tres were able to finally catch a Grouper, but it was a nice one. We had him for dinner tonight along with the coffee-crusted steaks we smuggled in, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad and pineapple & coconut tartlets. I thought I was the only tartlet, but these stole my thunder. Beryl ate dinner with us. She seems to enjoy our company, but then, who wouldn’t?


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