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Day 5 – It’s Always the Quiet Ones

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We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning. Yum! Poor Eddie. We had to give him a hard time over breakfast, mainly because he makes such an easy and convenient target. Dave S. missed the rolls in favor of bone fishing. He wants a big fish like I want to hit a straight flush at three-card poker…or get a decent Internet connection…but so far his luck has been running about like mine does at poker or trying to upload pictures. Maybe today will be his day, and if it is, well, I hear they have gambling houses here on the island…

There’s an Austrailian woman named Flipper who is coming today to teach a couple of us how to find lobster and “play around” with them. She can’t legally show us how to catch them because they are not in season right now since it’s their mating season. To be safe we’re only going to look for the ones smoking a cigarette. The usual suspects, Dave S. and Tres are “doing Flipper.” The rest of us are going to watch for our own amusement. There was a picture of Flipper, in a bikini, in one of the brochures. Tres is pretty sure she can kick his ass. I’d pay extra to see that. I asked Joe if he wanted to reconsider the Flipper adventure because she was buff and had a six-pack. He said he might be interested if “she was carrying a six-pack.” It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

We left the boys in Flipper’s care and headed out for lunch at Tippy’s in Governor’s Harbor. It’s known for its lobster pizza, which deserved accolades and for their signature drink, Tippy’s Sunrise. We tried to bribe the recipe from the waitress,but she wouldn’t give it up and I don’t think the 8 of us combined could have taken her down…at least by the end of lunch. The most Julia could get out of them, even using her feminine wiles, was that it contained four different kinds of alcohol. After lunch, we headed for the French Leave Beach which has fine pink sand and the brightest tourquoise water to be found. In a word, spectacular.

On the way back to the house, we stopped to buy, what else, beer. One little problem…the van wouldn’t start when we got ready to leave. Did we have jumper cables? No. As Eddie pointed out, you can’t get the job done if you don’t have the right equipment. Sounds to me like he has personal knowledge. Luckily, Judy found a “player”, at least that’s what his tire rims said, with jumper cables that was willing to help. The moral of the story is…(wait for it)…if you need to be jumped, find a player.


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