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Day 4 – The Beauty of Back-up Plans

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Can you say s-u-n-b-u-r-n? Apparently, sunscreen will not last all day. Who knew? Not this white girl. My back, neck, chest, face, arms and legs are a nice shade of red. On the bright side, my makeup went on quicker this morning since there was no need for blush. Gina warned me yesterday to be careful because we are “closer to the sun” here, but it doesn’t look any closer to me. There are about four or five of us still in junior high that think the laws of nature don’t apply to us. We were wrong. Denise said that sun damage takes 40 or 50 years to show up, so thankfully, at our age, we won’t have to worry too much about the damage we’re doing this week.

The two Dave’s and Eddie got up early this morning to go fishing. Beryl, our cook, told them that she would cook whatever they caught for dinner tonight. After they left, she told us she bought Grouper as a “back-up plan.” Wise woman. It looks like she has the same expectations as the rest of us as to our fishermens’ skill. And as it turned out, the back-up plan came in handy. Of course, Dave K. said they caught lots of fish but just didn’t have a camera with them. Whatever. Eddie and Dave K. decided to take the dinghy out to fish. I see disaster written all over this. Having no luck getting the motor started (obviously this equipment is too much for them) they cut the anchor off the dinghy and put it on one of the kayaks…which got about 5 feet from shore before it was “man overboard!” Next up was the inflatable raft, aka the Titanic…which needed air. Too bad we don’t have a blowhard with us. Luckily they found an electric pump and even remembered to take the raft out of the water before using it. These guys are nothing if not determined and by all indications, willing to go down with the ship, which is a real possibility judging by the kayak debacle.

Gina took me out for my first kayaking trip. I do not swim, but I did not let this minor fact dissuade me. I did not let the guys’ experience deter me either, instead relying on careful preparation. I had on a sun blocking shirt, two life vests, one of those ring thingies they throw off a boat and inflatable water wings, none of which I needed. See Eddie, this is how it’s done. I have to admit that the glass bottom was very cool going over the coral reefs, even though we didn’t see any fish. I’ve decided all the fish have deserted the area because they heard the big white fishermen were coming They need not worry.

The dinner of Grouper (I just pretended the guys caught it), wild rice, roasted carrots, salad and fresh key lime pie was fabulous. Beryl should write a cookbook. My plan to hide the pie did not work out like I wanted, which was namely to have it all to myself. I had to share…drats.

After dinner, Tres got out his night vision goggles to look at the stars. The sky was beautiful, but I ask you, who travels with night vision goggles? I guess they might come in handy if there is an uprising or hostile takeover…but they are going to need more than night vision to pry my iPad away from me. Maybe that’s what the slingshot is for…

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