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Day 3 – Define Chillax

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What a relaxing day. Breakfast was served at 9:00, which seems a little early for vacation unless you know that the sun comes up about 5:30. After breakfast, we took a long walk on the beach. The color of the water is  indescribably beautiful. Some places the sand is packed but on most of it you sink down with each step. The jury is out on whether I’ll be able to walk at all tomorrow.

All that walking stirred up quite a thirst, so the first beer was popped, along with our first batch of painkillers at about 11:00. I’m trying to get in the groove. If my blog was emailed to you yesterday, you had a couple of pictures. If not, even though the narrative referenced pictures, they did not upload. I tried for three and a half f’n hours to get it uploaded. I was stressed, or as Joe said, “had my panties in a wad.” I could seriously ruin my entire vacation screwing with the Internet, so I’m trying to go to my happy place and chillax. My new motto is “it is what it is.” My nephew, Grant, has been begging for more blogs to take him away from his miserable life as a law student…apparently, I am a bright and shiny spot for him and he looks up to me…but some things just can’t be fixed, so you’re on your own buddy. This blog is hit or miss from this point on.

 Most of the day was spent in the pool, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, or chilling on the deck out by the ocean (or as the the guys call it “the cigar lounge”). The weather was perfect, the drinks were strong, the food was delicious and the laughter was plentiful and often. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow and the Internet service brings.


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