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Day 2- We Haven’t Been Kicked Off Yet

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For a city that is known for its night life, they cut breakfast off early. There is not an egg or a bacon or a muffin to be found after 10:00 a.m. in Miami. There is no such limitation on alcohol. We found the rest of our crew, where else but in a bar, followed closely by a trip to the duty-free shop. After all, it’s Sunday and we might not be able to buy booze today on the island. That would be a catastrophe of major proportions…paling in comparison to say a hurricane or running out of hair gel on day two…and must be averted at any cost, including hauling the dang stuff with us. That’s what I call taking one for the team.

If you want to know anything at all about the island of Eleuthera, Shatzer is your man. He has color maps from Google Earth printed out…life size. He knows where every bay and fishing reef is and the names of all the local fish, along with a color diagram for identification. He says I will be particularly interested in one local variety called, honest-to-God, the Slippery Dick. I’m taking up fishing. Note: Joe did not want me to include this, but I’m purely reporting in the interest of science. To prove it, I have included a picture of the Slippery Dick fish.

We flew into the Eluthera International Airport, and by International” I mean Miami and by ” Airport” I mean strip with one flight a day…but really, when “baggage claim” is taking your suitcase off the cart, in the pouring rain yourself, what’s the harm in one little picture? If anyone is going to the pokey, it’s the member of our team, who shall remain nameless, that swore she was not entering the country with any food items, but had in fact 79 pounds of contraband (meaning meat and vegetables) in her luggage. Now tell me which is the bigger sin. If they come after me, I’m throwing her under the bus.

The house is great and right on the beach. It’s has six bedrooms, a cook and all the kayaks, snorkeling and water toys you could ever want. Add drinks and cigars and we’re in heaven. The only problem seems to be the Internet service. In a word, it’s s-l-o-w. In two words it’s s-l-o-w and s-u-c-k-s. Fair warning that it’s going to be a crap shoot as to whether I get any pictures uploaded with my blog. We’ll all just have to deal. We, however, will be dealing from the sunny Bahamas.

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