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Only in Texas


Yesterday Joe and I went to the Midland gun show. Going to a gun show in Texas reminds me of those “People of Wal-Mart” websites, only with more tattoos and lethal weapons. It did not come as a shock that there was nary an “Obama 2012” bumper sticker in the parking lot. What did come as a surprise was the priest, in full cassock, although, we are in Texas, so maybe it shouldn’t have been all that surprising.

Joe has been trying to find me a gun that I would feel comfortable carrying on the road. We finally settled on a Sig P238 with extended mag and laser sights. We went to the gun range this morning and my first 6 rounds found the target, two of them damn near bulls-eyes. Sweet.

3 thoughts on “Only in Texas

  1. Good choice, that is what I carry. I didn’t get the extended mag or laser so I need to check yours out and maybe fondle it some. Then I’ll look at your gun…

    • Tres, it’s a shame you don’t have an extended mag. I highly recommend them. Joe carries one with him at all times…

      • Oooo…that’s good Sherree! Joe is my hero. I bet his extended mag is also high capacity. It’s probably black and fires at least a dozen rounds before its empty.

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