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Liquor, Laughter and Naked Pillow Fights

Now that I have your attention…

It’s good to have friends, especially if they have a magnificent house on Lake Granbury. Lest you think I only hang with Debi for her lake place, you should know that we’ve been friends since our respective Courtney’s were in Brownies, which is a long, l-o-n-g time. It was our good fortune that Debi’s husband decided to take a golf weekend, which left Casa de Weaver open for a girls’ weekend.

There are eight of us, one of whom I haven’t seen since she moved to Maryland about 15 years ago. One is a masseuse…and she brought her oil…so we’re lining up to e ribbed the right way. Debi is the spoke to our wheel, the sun around whom we all revolve, the common denominator for us all. We’ve all travelled together but I dont think we’ve all been on the same trip, but they sort of overlap in participants. It says a lot that Debi can invite people at the last minute for the weekend and not only did everyone accept, but Mary flew in from the East coast. Everyone has had stories to tell, along with some social lubrication, which made the stories that much funnier, and left us laughing so hard tears were running down our faces, while we kept our legs crossed so that nothing else did. It is telling that when I met this group of women, we were running to PTA meetings and now we’re running to the bathroom and passing around pictures of the grandkids…and yet we don’t look any older.

You might be wondering about the naked pillow fight, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy…the video is available for $14.99 however. Tomorrow we show the square how it’s done.