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Fredericksburg Follies – Day 2


You learn a lot about your grown kids on a trip like this. For instance, I didn’t know that Whitney is obsessed with Dr. Oz. Everything is “Dr. Oz says…”. She has become a germ-o-phobe. Shave her head and you’ve got Howie Mandel. As a public service message: never sit your purse on the floor or it will become covered in flesh-eating bacteria. It’s a miracle that I still have flesh enough to issue this dire warning. She didn’t say you couldn’t go barefoot, just don’t set your purse down and you will be safe.

If you happen to get a flesh-eating bacteria and need medical attention, you are out of luck if you have Courtney’s health insurance. Because of a high deductible, her policy won’t pay if she gets sick and actually needs a doctor or prescription but it will pay 100% of the cost of a massage. Thank you Obama.

Whitney is also signed up for some kind of foot detox next week. It brings to mind images of palm readers and fortune tellers to me, but hey, what do I know? Apparently, the practitioner can tell if you have anything wrong with your body by what color the water turns. This could come in handy if you’re on Courtney’s insurance as it’s got to be cheaper than a cat scan.

We woke up to a rainy day. With the drought we’ve had I won’t complain, but doesn’t it just figure? My hair fought the law (of nature and humidity) and the law won. After breakfast, we started our shopping day. It was shop a little and then run like crazy between spells of rain across the street to the next block. Courtney was just not holding up her end of things, so I had to step in to honor the family tradition. Next year she is going to have to start training in July so that she can keep up.

It seemed that we did as much eating as shopping and probably spent more on food than anything, at least until my last purchase of the day, which was a fabulous pair of Lucchese wedding boots. And no, I won’t be posting a picture…you’ll just have to wait to see them for yourself next October.

Now back to the food. We had lunch at the Peach Tree Restaurant where the girls had the best hamburger I’ve ever tasted…prime rib cheeseburger on a homemade bun with locally grown tomatoes and herb mayo and sweet chili relish. It almost made me sorry that I ordered the chicken salad with a cup of chilled avocado soup…almost. We felt virtuous passing up dessert. It was short lived as we ended up at the Fredericksburg Pie Company where we spent $25 on three slices of pie…cherry, peach and bourbon orange pecan. Carbs are having their way with me. Courtney dropped a bite of pie on her shirt and she claims the day is not complete until she’s dropped food on her boobs.

Dinner was at Mamacita’s a Mexican place that’s a favorite of the locals. It was good too. We again passed up dessert…only to bring home a piece of cheesecake ‘just in case’. I am embarrassed…and stuffed.

After such a busy and filling day the only thing we had any energy for was limping back to the cabin to watch the second half of the Aggie/Tech game. We’ve had a great trip. I love spending time with my babies and watching them talk and fret about their babies. Someday they’ll be bringing them along on our trips…and won’t that be grand?

2 thoughts on “Fredericksburg Follies – Day 2

  1. Aw-w-w. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful time. Let me guess who had the bourbon orange pecan pie???? I know Courtney loves pecan pie, but she loves the ones that I MAKE, so I think it had to be Sherree. Yes, Whitney and I are Dr. Oz aficionados. Sometimes we call each other to say, “Are you watching Dr. Oz?” Not that I follow any of his advice, but I encourage Whitney to. I would have to get a direct pipeline to him to remember everything he says. Be very careful on the trip home. Very likely you will be driving in rain most of the time.

  2. I smell Dr. Aune. Which is the true Jeti Master, Oz or Aune? I think Aune is from Oz. He is the official homo path of the Lolli Pop guild.

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