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If I were nice, I’d change the names in this narrative to protect the guilty, but I’m not, so I won’t. Our friends, John and Debi Weaver, invited us to join them for a weekend at Gran Chateau. Actually, I kind of lobbied for an invitation, because I have no pride, but Debi went along and graciously invited us to join them for a weekend at the lake.

Right off the bat, this turned out to be an expensive visit because I had to buy a new BMW 535ix just to make the trip. John and Debi bought a fabulous house right on the water at Lake Granbury and it just didn’t seem right to pull up in my old baby Benz. If a trip to the lake doesn’t call for a new ride, I don’t know what does…that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Anyway, we left Midland about 2:00 for the four hour drive..and it was a sweet one in the new car. It really is the Ultimate Diving Machine. We arrived before David and Debbie Anderson, which by house rules gave us the bedroom with the TV…score. Actually, it wasn’t even close because they didn’t even leave Wichita Falls until about an hour after we arrived.

We went to the Rib Shack for dinner, which is famous for not only their BBQ but for their homemade pickles. The girl taking our orders asked each one of us “do you want your sweet…hot…pickle?” Several thoughts occur. Duh, who wouldn’t…why would you ask…do you get a lot of wasted pickles…and why are you saying it that way? So, like a smart ass I said “yes, I want mine and I want his too” indicating Joe who was right behind me. The girl had no sense of humor, but Debi got a chuckle out of it.

Back at the house, we sipped cocktails on the upper deck until David and Debbie arrived. I did not prepared Joe for the experience that is David Anderson, opting instead to let it unfold before him. David regaled us with stories about his college days with John. The thing about David’s stories is that you don’t know how much is fact and how much is the product of a fertile imagination. There’s usually a kernel of truth there, but it’s sometimes like finding a single flake of pepper in a five pound bag of sugar. One memorable story involved Sesame Street…apparently Big Bird is fascinating when you’re high…and another about missing an entire semester of college because he spent all his time watching the Watergate trial. Joe is quietly taking this all in and at the end of David’s elaborate soliloquy drily adds “well, what are you gonna’ do?”…like it made perfect sense to miss a semester due to mind-altering substances and the Watergate trial. I thought Debi was going to pee herself. “What are you gonna’ do” became our catch phrase for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday the girls went down to the Square for a little shopping while the guys watched some college football…a perfect win-win. The guys also went on a little excursion while we were gone but they wouldn’t give us any details, so I’m thinking whatever it was either involved pole dancing or is going to cost Debi a lot of money.

We cooked dinner at the house, and what a meal it was! Sushi, sausage, coffee crusted steaks, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, roasted corn, beefsteak tomatoes with feta and balsamic vinegar and garden salad…and we still weren’t through. There was also strawberry shortcake and homemade ice cream for dessert. I didn’t just fall off the low-carb wagon, but got run over by it too…and I enjoyed every bite.

We watched the sun set from the patio where the stories and laughter continued, some of which I’ve been asked not to report. Just think about the Obama administration pressuring Ford to pull it’s recent TV ad and in this scenario I’m Ford. I was happy to comply, but I would suggest that John delete his browser history.

We had more fun than a monkey eating a grapefruit (you had to be there)! Great times with great friends. Many thanks to John and Debi for opening their home to us!



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