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Topless nuns and glassblowers…


After a slow moving morning (yeah!), we headed to Tesuque Glassworks where we watched glassblowers at work. There were some beautiful pieces in the shop, some of which were cast glass using a lost wax process similar to that used to make jewelry. Afterwards, we went to a nearby cafe for lunch, which was quite good. The cafe was part of a little general store that was quirky and cute.

Back in Santa Fe, we decided to do some shopping at Jackalope’s, which is an odd conglomerate of plant nursery/pottery store/tourist trinkets/furniture store/prairie dog town. The part devoted to trinkets contained some very disturbing things…carved figurines of topless nuns, a flying baby angel that was all white except for his pink boy parts dangling down, a skull eating a man and a giant ‘Linda’ who was not nearly as cute as our own personal Linda. I am scarred for life. We also hit a high end furniture consignment store called Recollections. I wish we’d had more time to explore before they closed. I’ve discovered that merchants in Santa Fe open late and make up for it by closing early. You would be hard pressed to find a store that is opened passed 6:00 p.m.

For dinner we went to Cafe Pasqual’s on the square. OMG, what a great meal. Thank you Paula for insisting that we try it. I bow to you in all things culinary. We started by sharing halibut ceviche, which was excellent. Entrees included carne asada, halibut in coconut lemon sauce with spinach, pan seared scallops with saffron rice and fried leeks, and mole chicken enchiladas with jicama slaw, cilantro rice and polenta fritter. Did we stop there? No, we did not. Did we split dessert? No, we did not. Julia had pineapple ice cream topped with grilled pineapple salsa and a ginger cookie and the rest of us indulged in a decadent creamy dark chocolate mousse cake with sea salt and olive oil. I know that sounds like an odd combination, but it was devine! After dinner, we walked around the square, or maybe I should say waddled, before heading back to the condo to rest up for our last day in Santa Fe.









4 thoughts on “Topless nuns and glassblowers…

  1. See? You got all the way through this one without cussin. I KNEW you could do it!!! Did you try the carne asada? I know it is quite different than what they call carne asada here and delicious.

  2. Like all the pictures, by the way.

  3. I can’t believe you didn’t post a photo of the topless nun! You get me all excited, then leave me hangin….so to speak.

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