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“Nekked” baths and chicken coops…


Son of a bitch. I didn’t sleep again last night. You would think that three margaritas, two Benadryl and three Advil would be enough to put down a bull elephant, but apparently I am made of sterner stuff. I haven’t slept more than two or three hours a night for the past three nights. I don’t think Julia or Cathy slept either. I guess I’ll be calling our family pharmacist, my daughter Courtney, today to see how many Benadryl I can take tonight and still wake up. We slept, and I use that term loosely, with the patio door and windows open last night. The weather was lovely and we were able to enjoy it and the cricket outside our door almost all night. Julia threatened to spoon me if she got cold. Hmmm…maybe that’s the reason I couldn’t sleep.

We are having a heat wave here this morning…it’s 63 degrees and beautiful. A perfect start to our 10,000 Waves spa day. First up was the kabuta bath, which is basically a hot tub in a three sided enclosure, open to the forest on the fourth side. There was also a cold plunge next to the hot tub area where the water was a mind-numbing 54 degrees…brrrr. I’m not a prude…I even go commando quite often…but I am modest, so I wore a swimsuit. One other person wore a suit, probably just to keep me from feeling like a wimp, and the other two were ‘nekked,’ as they say in Texas (and Tres wasn’t even here). I like the phrase plausible deniability and by not telling who the other suit wearer was, the two bluejays (as in ‘naked as a’) can claim it wasn’t them. Lastly, I’ll tell you that it’s hard to believe men’s cold water “shrinkage” claim after seeing my sisters come out of that cold plunge.

After the baths, we all headed off to our individual treatments. All of us had a Japanese facial and Julia and I tacked on a cryogenic DNA laser treatment. We look 10 years younger than when we arrived….so, in our 20s. We also all had an 80 minute massage of some type. Linda had an interesting Thai massage with a very cute male masseuse. Cathy had a Master’s massage and Julia’s was called a “Nose to Toes” massage that included a peppermint sea salt foot scrub and a loofa body scrub. Mine was a therapeutic massage which was simultaneously heaven and hell. It hurt so good. The masseuse said that many times she gets a client and wonders how she can possibly spend 80 minutes on them but with me she wasn’t going to have that problem. Apparently, I’m a “mess”…but you probably already knew that. It’s a good thing that I haven’t found anything on my shopping excursions because I’m now $450 poorer…but I’m so relaxed I don’t care.

This evening we had dinner at Debbie & Jim Maloney’s house. They moved here several months ago from Wichita Falls, where both Julia and I knew them. They live a short distance from town and have a lovely adobe home, with fine art work, two Pugs, a Golden Retriever, a cat and a fancy chicken coop. Yes, you read that right. Debbie has started collecting, for lack of a different word, exotic breeds of chickens that lay different colored eggs like blue, green and brown. Must come in handy at Easter. Anyway, I have to admit the chickens are cute. One is fluffy and white, one has long feathers on his head and looks like one of those so-ugly-they-look-cute Chinese Crested dogs and one, called a Frizzle, has curly feathers. Speaking from experience, that chicken wishes she had straight feathers.

The dinner Debbie cooked for us was out of this world good…pesto dip (which was to die for) and crackers, oven fried chicken (a Barefoot Contessa creation), deviled eggs, cole slaw, roasted potatoes, rolls and chocolate pie with the highest meringue I’ve ever seen. Any one of those things by itself would have been excellent, but put them together and they rival the finest meal at any four star restaurant. I speak for all of us when I say that we can’t thank them enough for a lovely evening and a wonderful meal! It was a highlight of our trip.








4 thoughts on ““Nekked” baths and chicken coops…

  1. I get to go with y’all next time and Julia gets to hold down the fort here…….LOL!!

  2. I used to mistakenly think I could keep your cussin a secret. It was a futile hope especially now that you are a world renown blogger. It is out there on the net forever……………………… It’s difficult to admit failure.

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