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Swollen feet & tummies


Day two started with sitting on the patio, drinking our coffee in 61 degree weather. It definitely doesn’t suck. Those of you in Texas can hate me now.

This day gave new meaning to our slogan “flying by the feet of our pants”…feet being the operative word. As I write this it’s 6:30 p.m. We just got back to the condo and have been on our feet, except for lunch, since 9:30 a.m. Maybe we should change that to “flying by the swollen feet of our pants.” Luckily, there were margaritas waiting in the freezer for us.

Our first stop this morning was the Opera House. Apparently, the Santa Fe Opera is ranked as one of the top five operas in the United States. That’s in a town of 75,000. They take their opera seriously here. The venue was stunning and the views breathtaking, despite the wildfires visible just a few miles away. At one point during the day we actually heard the civil defense sirens going off because of a new fire closer to town.

Next up, believe it or not, was the Flea Market. Santa Fe-ians take their flea markets seriously too. I found a gorgeous antique dhurrie rug to use as a table runner in Midland. The only problem, it was $650…but they would “ship it free.” What a bargain! Another thing you will find hard to believe, I walked away. It did brighten my day that I was able to talk Cathy into a beautiful orange spiny coral ring. I have awesome powers of persuasion.

We ate a late lunch in the famous Square, at La Plazuela which is in the La Fonda hotel. I have to admit the Square is more my style than the flea market. Again, the food was fabulous. I had crab cakes with fresh jalapeños cooked in…spicy and yummy! There was also a pork sandwich with avocado and spicy jalapeño mayonnaise, an artichoke, grilled eggplant and roasted red pepper panini, and finally pollo real chicken quesadillas. Is it just me or do we seem preoccupied with food?

After lunch we went to the Loretto Chapel where there is a famous spiral staircase that contains no center or side supports. Legend has it, in the 1870s, when the choir loft was built they forgot to add a staircase. How in the hell (pardon me Sisters) do you do that? Many carpenters were called in for advise and said that because of the height, it was an impossible task without rebuilding the loft. The Sisters made a Novena to St. Joseph and a mysterious carpenter arrived nine days later. He constructed the circular staircase with just a saw, carpenter’s square, hammer and tubs to soak the wood. When the staircase was finished the carpenter disappeared without seeking payment. (

Unfortunately, that Devine interlude did not bring me any luck while shopping a short time later. Is there a patron saint for shopping? If not, I’d like to nominate St. Neiman Marcus because I’ve had a dry run so far. Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow…








3 thoughts on “Swollen feet & tummies

  1. I’ve seen the staircase, pretty amazing! I love keeping up with you and your girlfriends.. keep posting, shopping and eating! I personally would have gone for the pork and avacado sandwich!!! LOL

  2. Sweetheart, I think you have missed your calling. You should retire and take up writing.

  3. Glad all of you are having a great time! All is going good here. Nick and Luke are playing Xbox. Luke is spending the night tonight. Hannah stayed all night Sat. we went to the movies. She left Sunday and wanted to go for a bike ride with Tres. The crab cakes sound yummy can you get the recipe.

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