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First, my attorneys insist I get this disclaimer out of the way first thing: I apologize in advance to all our sainted mothers for any offensive language you might find in these stories. I write conversationally, like it’s going through my obviously somewhat warped mind, and in my mind I cuss…a lot. I will do my best to keep it at a minimum, but if I were to cut it out completely, those who know me well would not believe that I wrote it. So in the interest of not being accused of plagiarism, there will be some cursing.

I have again been put in the stressful but enviable position of writing a blog about our girl trip to Santa Fe. It is somewhat stressful because sometimes at the end of a particularly long day, my creative juices may wan and I can’t think of anything funny to say. Also, I’m getting old and may not remember what we did by the end of the day. I’m thinking about getting one off those mini recorders to help me out. On the other hand, I can make shit up and there is no one to contradict my version of events. In effect, I get to write (my own version of) history. Along for the ride this time is Julia Ward, Cathy Stringer, Linda Lee and me. So, without further adios, here goes…

4:00 a.m. to 4:44 a.m., none of your damn business. 4:45, hit the shower. Leaving on a 7 a.m. flight is too damn early, but it does give us most of the day to enjoy Santa Fe. Hot air balloons were out in force flying into Albuquerque. Very cool. Julia asked me a few days ago if I was interested in water rafting. After I stopped laughing I said “not in this lifetime.” I would, however, be up for a balloon ride. I’m not sure why since I can’t fly any better than I can swim, but there you go.

I met the rest of the gang in Albuquerque since they flew from Dallas and I flew from Midland. The theme of this trip is “flying by the feet of our pants.” It almost makes sense, kind of like us. We don’t have anything scheduled for the entire trip except a spa day on Monday, so we are making it up as we go.

The lady at the rental car place suggested that we take the long way to Santa Fe so that we could stop by Madrid for a little shopping and lunch. In true “flying by the feet of our pants” style, we figured, “why not?” It turned out to be a great decision. Madrid is where the movie “Wild Hogs” was filmed and they have embraced the biker lifestyle wholeheartedly. The public restrooms were nothing more than glorified outhouses…no plumbing. It would have been nice if the hand sanitizer dispenser had been filled, but toilets aside, the town was a strange mixture of quaint high end artist studios, great hole-in-the-wall restaurants and a giant biker bar. It’s kind of like the marriage between Sandra Bullock and Jessie James. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s working…at least for now, and hopefully for much longer than they lasted.

The place where we are staying is a great adobe condo. In fact, almost everything around here is adobe, including Albertsons, Wal-greens and Allsups. It’s a nice change. Our first stop was the aforementioned grocery store for breakfast food and booze, but mostly for booze and before you ask, no we won’t be having the booze with our breakfast. We did, however, get our first gallon of Tres’ Supreme Margaritas in the freezer posthaste.

For dinner we went to Andiamo’s which is an Italian place. We had dishes that ranged from crispy duck legs to calamari pizza. Excellent meal! I have a feeling that we will be getting lots of good food on this trip. Maybe I should have packed my fat jeans. After dinner, we were almost back to the condo before Julia realized she didn’t have the headlights on. Her’s are automatic so it didn’t dawn on her that she needed to manually turn them on. Talk about living dangerously. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.





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