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Rebuttals and epilouges…


I told the group I would be happy to print any rebuttals to my blog and here’s what I got…

Tres: It wasn’t me.
Dave: It wasn’t me.
Kirk: It wasn’t me.
Eddie: It wasn’t me.
Joe: It wasn’t me.

And finally, Eddie wrote a poem and it seems a fitting epilouge to the trip to me:

Rednecks Visit BVI

The group told Denise & I how great it would be
We saw last year’s video, and it wasn’t hard to see
The countdown started months ago
And now we are here, and each of them has said, “we told you so”

Day one was a wreck for me
Check out the blog, the photos, and you will agree
With Red Stripes, Pain Killers, and other special drinks
Then Kirk asking us all, what do you think?
After exploring the most hidden encounters of our past
We had a great dinner, thanks to our Redneck cast

Day two was eventful for the entire crew
There was Willie T’s, a pirate ship with special brew
When we arrived the place was very quite
Not knowing these Rednecks were going to start a riot
Breast were licked for a tattoo of wonder
And our ladies enjoyed the hot guys from down under
Men jumping from the upper deck, bearing all
And our ladies flirting and almost starting a brawl
Pain Killers gave us the courage to do the mentioned above
But the best was Kirk licking whip cream off of Julie, his love
So off to the Soggy Dollar we sail
I’m just praying, we have enough funds for our bail
The beach was great and more PainKillers wouldn’t be a sin
There were others who saw our group and wanted to join in
All the Rednecks looked great on the sandy beach kicked back in their chair
And Denise, hustled by a 3rd grader, I told the kid “picking on her just isn’t fair”

Day three was Kirk and Julie’s special moment
It was the wedding at sunset, which was a beautiful event
Julie with a flower perched over her ear
This was The Redneck’s, wedding of the year
I would describe this glorious occasion, but not knowing where to start
After Kirk’s speech, we all know, this man has a heart
With all the Rednecks showered and dressed
I will let the photos describe the rest
To Jolly Rogers the Rednecks ascended
I’m just hoping on one has been offended

Day four was an adventure in the Park
Local wilderness and trees with some unusual bark
After the hike it was time to visit Jim the Bartender
Shortly thereafter it was Tres’s fender bender
Off to the Rum Distillery to visit the NASCAR fans
Again Denise hustled by a youngster flashing sign language with his hands
Back to the villa in the evening we arrived
A great dinner, a drink, then to the pool for today’s final dive

Day five started like the rest
It was breakfast via our request
Then off to meet Brenda and Ray
We were headed for another wonderful BVI day
Sailing to St. John’s the Rednecks went
Lying ahead was going to be an unforgettable event
From Margarita Phil’s to the Beach Bar we started The Redneck Bar Crawl
Then it was Woody’s and Barefoot Cowboys and drinks for all
Again back to the villa we flew
Until late in the evening our friendship grew

I hate to, but it’s time to bring this to an end
God has blessed Denise and I with some new fabulous friends
Thanks Eddie and Denise

2 thoughts on “Rebuttals and epilouges…

  1. Could not had said it better myself!

  2. Whatever………lol!!!

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