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99 bottles of beer on the wall…


What a day! We woke up to the news that Osama Bin Ladin is dead and the day just got better from there. Kirk and Julie wanted a day to themselves (silly newlyweds), but the rest of us headed out for a day of sailing. A couple from Wichita Falls that lives here now invited us to go out on their boat (a four bedroom catamaran) for the day and it was extra awesome. We owe them an extra special thank you! Sailing is so much different than power boating. Peaceful and quiet. There’s quite an art to sailing, like watching an intricate ballet.

We went over to St. John, did a little shopping and a LOT of drinking. Lord, protect me from drunks and idiots, or essentially everyone in our group. We did a bar crawl…six bars, plus the one on the boat. All I can say is OMG…margaritas, rum and coke, whiskey and coke, painkillers, bushwhackers, jalapeño tequila shots, beer, rum punch, cranberry vodka, strawberry daiquiris and some kind of liquor that’s illegal in 14 countries, but apparently perfectly fine in international waters. The drinks are strong because, as one of the waitresses explained, alcohol is cheaper than mixers. One of the places we went was a bar/consignment shop. Odd combination. The bar was owned by a guy from Clyde, Texas of all places, and was, as you might expect, where we got the jalapeño infused tequila.

There is one member of our group who just cannot seem to keep his drawers on. He jumped in to swim sans pants…AGAIN. I won’t name names but his initials are T(res) W(ard). I have a whole new respect for what Julia endures on a daily basis.

We brought our sailboat hosts back to the house where we had a dinner of fajita tacos and the drinking continued with Little Guinness’s and Glenlivet scotch. Putting all that alcohol down in writing makes us seem like a bunch of lushes. Okay, point taken. Joe says you can actually “drink yourself sober” which I think we accomplished today…well, except for Dave who never made it quite sober. A whole day of firsts for me, and what a great day it was!








3 thoughts on “99 bottles of beer on the wall…

  1. Awesome blog………………way to go. You can say it in all the right words.

  2. I don’t think your livers can take much more of this. Good thing tomorrow is your return home day (to sanity). Are you bringing me something in emeralds???? It IS close to Mother’s Day you know.

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