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I. Can. Not. Move. I now have buns of steel from the knots I developed by walking to Sofer’s Hole and back yesterday. Most of the group decided to go hiking after breakfast at Cane Garden Bay, where the trails and switchbacks are even steeper than here at the house. According to Mackie, one of the caretakers, if you turn right you go up the trail and if you turn left you go drinking at the beach bar. My response about doing either was “not only no, but hell no.” Those who know me will not be surprised.

The Kulbeths, Joe and and I stayed at the house and just relaxed by the pool. I felt pretty smug about being smart enough to stay at this great house and just chill…fortuitous as it turns out.

The next part of the blog will be provided by our guest blogger, Eddie Holcomb, who went on the hike:

“Sixty percent of the Rednecks headed out for a hike at the National Park here at the BVI. Half way down the trail, I was wondering why in the H E double L, I’m not back at the Villa with the intelligent forty percent of the group. But things smoothed out and the weather was perfect for the hike in the wilderness. We were able to check out the different types of trees, the rain forest, and enjoyed a unique view point of the BVI from the peak of the island.

After an hour and a half on the trail, and a good workout the six of us were looking for the lone employee at the park. Let’s call him “Jim the bartender”. We set back and allowed the cold “mood altering” drink to adjust our attitudes. Then we agreed that this was a fine adventure.

Before we left the park. Jim “the bartender “suggested, that we take a class in BVI bar-tending. The Rednecks are now certified Bartenders in the BVI. Please see the below photo. Certificates to follow.

But like all other days in the BVI here is the rest of the story. The Rednecks wanted to check out the local Rum Distillery. When we pulled up “Lo and Behold” it was Tony Stewart in his NASCAR Home Depot #20 car. What a great time we had with our fellow NASCAR fans. Please check out the below photo.

If that’s not enough for one day, then I will finish with this. Loaded in the car, Tres driving, and headed back to the villa. We had a little fender bender. Thanks to man upstairs I wasn’t driving. Thanks to Tres we did get back safe and sound. Again check out the below photo.

It would be great if Sherree allows me to finish this entry to her blog by saying the men went the last two days without flashing their private parts in public. Keep up the good work guys.”

After reading about the adventures of the hiking group, do I feel left out or upset that I didn’t get to go? No, I do not.

Before dinner, Dave and Joe took on Gina (and later Kirk) and I in a game of Spades. Suckers! Joe and I had never really played cards before and he didn’t have any idea I was such a card shark. It wasn’t even really a game. We beat them like a drum and made them cry like little girls. Joe also says I’m a terrible winner.

Dinner was what Gina and I called Drunk Pork. It was something we just kind of made up with the main ingredient being rum. How can you go wrong with that? We added baked potatoes, salad and broccoli. It was exceedingly tasty and probably can’t be duplicated since we didn’t have a recipe.

As it turns out, there might be another guest blogger in the near future. All i can say, its not as easy as it looks so be careful what you wish for. Stay tuned.




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