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Happily ever after…


After another great breakfast, someone (who is no longer my friend) had the bright idea that we should walk down to the marina and shops at Sofer’s Hole which is probably a quarter mile down the mountain, straight down, but a significantly longer jaunt if you actually want to stay on the road. I thought going down the steep inclines would be a breeze…as it turned out, really not so much. It is so steep, it was really difficult to keep your footing. Wearing slick-soled flat sandals was probably not a good choice and my second mistake, the first was agreeing to this foolhardy plan. My butt and calves were screaming to the point I couldn’t even enjoy shopping, a first for me and not something I want to repeat, because i didn’t want to carry any extra weight, no matter how inconsequential, back up that hill. We seriously considered calling a taxi to get us back up to the top, but Tres and Kirk were running the damn thing so how hard could it be? Turns out, pretty damn hard. It was step, stop, rest…step, stop, rest…rest…rest…step (dammit).

The big event of the day was, of course, Kirk and Julie’s wedding. What can I say except beautiful…the day, the sunset, the bride. The bouquet was made from flowers gathered from the grounds here at the villa. It was totally worth getting outfitted in Spanx, which is really hard to pull on when you’re hot and sweaty, just FYI. I looked pretty good in my dress, but underneath it was like a sausage in a casing or a can of biscuits ready to explode at the slightest touch.

Joan and Mario, friends we met last year, even came over from Virgin Gorda for the occasion. In all seriousness, it was an exceptionally lovely and touching wedding and a happy day…just look that those beaming smiles on the bride and groom. It was truly a ‘happily ever after’ moment and I was glad to be here to witness it.

After the wedding, we went over to eat at the Jolly Roger for dinner, drinks and dancing out on their dock, where the food and music were both great. Have you ever noticed that almost everyone seems to have a six-degrees-from-Kevin-Bacon kind of connection to Texas? Hudson, from Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats, hereafter known as ‘the band’, used to live in the Austin area. Everyone either used to live in Texas or have a relative that does. Anyway, it was the perfect ending to perfect day…and no one even got naked, at least not in public.





3 thoughts on “Happily ever after…

  1. What a lovely bridal gown! Perfect for the setting and so is the groom’s attire.

  2. They made quite the handsome couple.

  3. Congratulations!!!! You looked lovely Julie (and Kirk)!!!! Wish we could’ve been there. We are so enjoying the dry breeze here gusting to 40 miles an hour with a shade a red in the sky. I’ve been receiving daily dermabrasions from our gritty weather. You all won’t even recognize me when I see you next. HA! I still haven’t seen a picture of all your sad faces missing us!!! Great choice of houses!!! Have an uneventful return trip to the Texas Sahara!!! Love to all!!!

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