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I usually try to stay with the humorous when I write but this post is a little different. I’m not writing about a funny occurrence but rather about a person, and while she is funny and makes me laugh almost every day, what I want to say is more heartfelt than silly. My youngest daughter, Whitney, graduates from Midwestern State University with her Masters of Education in Special Education and Dyslexia on May 14th. This is no small feat.

Many people will graduate that day and every one of them should be proud of such an accomplishment. I’m her mother and so by definition biased, but I think Whitney deserves a special pat on the back because of the many obstacles she has had to overcome in order to reach this moment. While working on her Masters degree, she suffered a miscarriage as well as a successful pregnancy where she had gestational diabetes and severe gall bladder attacks. She had a c-section when her daughter Preslee was born, and two weeks later found herself in the hospital with a serious case of pancreatitis, which resulted in a second surgery to remove her gall bladder. For the last year and a half she can add caring for an infant and chasing after a toddler to her list of activities. She also worked a full time teaching position and still packed an overnight/diaper bag and drove 45 miles two nights a week to attend classes, spending the night at her Grandmother’s house because it was too late to drive home with a baby.

At this point, I should probably also brag on my Mother a little. Some of you may know that I am only in Wichita Falls every other week and spend alternate weeks with my fiance in Midland. My Mother stepped into the void I should have been filling and outfitted a nursery at her house so that Whitney could attend evening classes. She fed them both and provided babysitting services while Whitney was in class. I can tell you from experience that running after Preslee can be exhausting so she deserves a big thank you for stepping in to help make Whitney’s dream a reality.

Even with all the trials and pressures of graduate school, Whitney was always a great daughter and granddaughter and an even better mother and wife…and still, she’s graduating with a 4.0 gpa. It would have been easy to give up, but she stayed the course and did it all with grace and humor and I am so proud of her right now I could just crow…which I guess in a way is what I’m doing now. Way to go, Whit! I love you, baby girl.

Now to my older daughter, Courtney, let me just say, I'm sorry you didn't get this sort of public fanfare when you graduated a few years ago with your doctorate as a pharmacist. It does not mean that Whitney is my favorite…no it does not! In my defense, I didn't even know what a blog was back then. If I had, I would have expounded on your impressive accomplishments too, because I am equally proud of you and what a fine young woman you've become. It just tickles me to death to have you for my daughter. It's just the luck of the draw that technology made this brag post possible for Whitney and not for you. Consider yourself bragged on too.

4 thoughts on “Whitney

  1. Congratulations!! Maybe she can help me with my Lisdexia.

  2. Put me in that proud column also!! I was happy to have had a small part in this portion of her education, besides you never have to twist my arm to babysit Preslee. It is always my pleasure and I really miss those twice a week stay overs!! I knew that Whitney would be successful in getting her Master’s once she made up her mind, but never would have thought that she would have to overcome so many things to do so. It is a great acheivement!! Your tribute to her and to Courtney brought a tear to my eyes.

  3. What a wonderful testimony by my niece to her wonderfully intelligent daughters and to her mother, my sister.
    I love all of you and, am extremely proud of all four of you and your accomplishments.
    Uncle Don & just plain ole “d”

  4. You have two great daughters and I’m very proud of them both also. Congratulations Whitney!

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