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On our way…almost


The countdown is underway. In preparation for our departure, Julia and I met for a pedicure after work last night, to get buffed, scrubbed and generally get our shine on. I want you to look at the size of the callous scraper they had to use on her. I’ve seen cheese graters that are smaller. You might want to think about getting a pedicure more than once a year girlfriend. Of course, that would require slowing down for an hour every few weeks. I have a friend from Arlington that sometimes puts satin sheets on the bed and swears that the callouses on her heels is all that keeps her from sliding out of bed during the night.

We leave for the Dallas area this afternoon where we will meet up at Kirk and Julie’s house in Keller to spend the night, or what will pass for the ‘night’ in this case. Our flight leaves from DFW at 5:45 a.m. in the morning. Since it’s an international flight we have to be there at least two hours early, plus there’s a 30 minute drive and we have to drop the cars at long term parking and catch the shuttle to the airport. If you are counting backwards you’ll agree that realistically I’m going to have to get up at about 1:45 a.m. My first thought is what brainiac thought this early morning flight would be a good idea? The second is why even go to bed? I seem to remember thinking six months ago, when we were booking our tickets, that the early morning flight would be no big deal. It seems like a bigger deal right now, but at least we won’t have to spend the night in San Juan like we did last year. We will have the promise of pretty rum drinks running through our heads to keep us going throughout the day tomorrow.

The photo above is an acutal picture of one of the verandas at the house where we are staying. It is a beautiful place called Frenchman’s Lookout and is located on the island of Tortola. Julia did us proud finding the perfect place once again. If you get a chance, check out the website

3 thoughts on “On our way…almost

  1. I think the best plan would to be NOT to go to bed, and just stay up drinking margaritas and beer all night, it will make for a much better day tomorrow! =)

    • A better day only if you never stop drinking, not counting the drink yourself sober factor. I think I’ll ease into this trip.

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