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Too much?


Do you think 10 pairs of shorts, 2 pair of capris, 1 sundress, 15 shirts, 7 pair of shoes and 3 bathing suits are too much for a week long trip? That doesn’t even include the makeup and blowdryers and hair products and electronics (iPhone, iPod, iPad, and camera). I need a carry-on just for the chargers to keep all that stuff going.

I have been ironing and packing most of the day. Sure I took out a little time to visit with my two precious granddaughters on Easter, but the rest of the day has been mentally grueling trying to decide what to take and what not to take on our trip to the BVI. I always come under (just barely), the 50 pound weight limit for luggage, unlike those who shall not remain nameless…Gina. She must find packing incredibly stressful. I have never been on a trip with her that didn’t require opening her suitcase on the terminal floor to ‘redistribute’ some of the weight, however, if you ever find yourself in a situation like Gillian’s Island, trust me, you’ll want Gina along.

I always end up packing way too much and lug home half a suitcase of untouched stuff along with all the stuff I bought while gone. It’s crazy. I find myself thinking why did I bring all this stuff? Because, a) it was too cute to leave home, b) I bought it specifically for this trip, so no way I’m leaving it behind, c) I could get hot and sweaty and two clean changes of underwear per day might be welcome, or d), which to my way of thinking is the most prevalent, you just never know. Will and Kate might be honeymooning on the islands and we might get invited to a soiree where I might need those snappy rhinestone slingbacks…you just never know. I might get a stomach virus and loose those last ten pounds, making that two piece swimsuit a viable option…you just never know. That is my new packing motto! You just never know.

One last thing, while we are discussing ‘too much’. One of the really nice services the place we’re staying offers is stocking the pantry for us. They sent us a 50 page grocery list, we ordered what we wanted and it will be waiting for us when we get there. How great is that? Who wants to go grocery shopping on their vacation? Anyway, bottled water was not on the list so we wrote it in. Julia called me yesterday to let me know that four cases of bottled water was $89. I know you’re thinking “no way”, but “way.” And yes, it’s the same stuff we pay $3.95 a case for at Sam’s. Location, location, location. Anyway, Julia called laughing when she got the bill because it turns out that the water was more expensive than the Red Stripe beer we ordered. I can already hear the guys telling us they are drinking beer to “save money”…like they need an excuse.

59 hours!

7 thoughts on “Too much?

  1. Joe reports that he’s taking “a Speedo and a couple of t-shirts”…this from a man who owns more shoes than me.

  2. I can’t believe you get all that packed and it’s under 50 pounds. Must be the short length of your capri’s.

  3. Two quick questions:
    Do you have to be British to visit the British Virgin Islands?
    Do you have to be a virgin?

    Enjoy your vacation. It sounds like so much fun! 🙂

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