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It’s a small world after all!


The more I think about this, the more it blows my mind…short trip. The couple from Midland that was part of our BVI group last year, Dave and Judy, couldn’t make it this time (sucks to be you), which left an opening that Eddie and Denise snapped up. Smart people, the Holcombs. Guess we’ll have to look for a six bedroom house next year.

Anyway, when we got together with them for the first time last month for our planning party, Eddie and Joe sort of recognized each other, and how weird is this, they were in the same class in high school and went to Rider together. That discovery prompted Eddie to scour his 1975 yearbook and find these pictures. Now who wouldn’t love these two young bucks?

Kirk’s comment on seeing these was, and I quote: “Couple of handsome individuals there…but what the hell happened?” Life and 36 years is what happened! Of course, who among us could compare physically to ourselves at 18? You might not be able to bounce a quarter off my ass these days, but I wasn’t spending my vacations in a villa in the British Virgin Islands either. All-in-all, I’d take my man, my friends, my family and my life these days anytime!

105 hours to takeoff!



2 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all!

  1. Looking at these pictures again tonight and wondered if Joe’s haircut looked a little Justin Beiber-ish to anyone else? 🙂

  2. And just like Beiber, I had all the 15 year olds chasing me. I don’t look good in prison orange, so there you are. Lot of good it did me….

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