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T-134 hours!

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Is it just me or are we spending an inordinate amount of time discussing and speculating on man-thongs? Actually, now that I think about it, it seems like time well spent to me. But now we must get down to some serious business, like packing and such. In the interest of having a good time and as few snafus as possible, here are some reminders:

#1 – Call your credit card company and let them know you will be out of the country. That way, there won’t be any problem if you feel inclined to buy me something shiny, and I do like me something shiny. In fact, FYI, I have been known take bribes to keep incriminating photos from ending up in the blog. Kirk, you might want to take special note here, because I’m quite sure there will be photo opportunities where you are concerned.

#2 – Don’t forget your passport and for God’s sake, whatever you do, NEVER give it to Tres for safekeeping. Last year, that was his only job and I thought we were going to have to leave he and Julia behind. And although they probably wouldn’t have minded too much because after all it is the BVI and not at all a bad place to be stuck, it would, however, leave me one very important person short on Champagne Thursday’s.

#3 – You guys might want to just go ahead and wear that man-thong you’ve got all picked out to the airport, just in case you get singled out for man-handling by a big, burly TSA agent. Just don’t forget to turn your head and cough.

#4 – Under no circumstances can you bring a firearm with you. Tres I’m talking to you….and I don’t care if someone offers you a free tee-shirt, the answer is still no.

#5 – Do not pack jeans. Gina I’m talking to you. That should free up a good three or four pounds for other stuff in your suitcase. 🙂

#6 – Lastly, don’t forget to pack your sense of humor and a high tolerance for bullsh*t. You’re going to need it!

That’s all I got. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on our blog if you think of anything I’ve forgotten. I need some feedback people…my ego is fragile.

134 hours!!

One thought on “T-134 hours!

  1. You are doing a wonderful job on the blog…………I promise, I’m not bringing jeans, almost had to leave them at the airport last year. But on the other hand, I’ve been working on that food suitcase, I hope we can get it zipped!! I think we need to have a game plan when we go though the airport. We need to make sure the food suitcase gets a green light going through customs, they might take our steak ect… My friend Cindy took meat on her last trip, and they confiscated it going through customs. Won’t be long………..Julia said, you and Joe are going to be at your house Tues. We can pick you guys up at 7:00 and meet the Wards and start our adventure!!

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