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I received an email from Kirk yesterday concerning the festivities after he and Julie tie the knot in the BVI later this month. For the ladies viewing pleasure, he offered to have all the guys dress up in man-thongs and do some kind of conga line dance. Hey, that’s the way I read it. It would look something like one of these two pictures… NOT! We’ve got a good looking crew of cabana boys, but no one in the group looks remotely like either one of these guys. Of course, none of the women look like Catherine Zeta-Jones either.

If we are going to have a Man-Thong-a-Thon, there should be a few guidelines.
#1 — Putting rolls of silver dollars or a rolled up sock in the thong are grounds for immediate disqualification UNLESS they are stuffed in the back.
#2 — For crying out loud, do a little manscaping before donning your thong.
#3 — When choosing your thong, make sure there is sufficient room to stuff dollar bills.
#4 — The thong cannot be worn OVER any other bathing suit or items of clothing.
#5 — If you are fish belly white, please provide oglers with appropriate sunglass protection as we don’t want the glare to blind anyone.

There were also links to Cane Garden Bay Beach, Smuggler’s Cove and a Sage Mountain hike, so look those up if you get a chance. Tres wants to wear his man-thong with a knife (pictured in my previous post) strapped to his leg for the hike. Just a suggestion, but you might want to let him bring up the rear on on the way up the mountain. Anyway, you guys go right ahead with that hike thing. The only place I’m going to be hiking is possibly to a jewelry store and back and forth from the pool to the bar, and that’s only if I can’t get one of our cabana boys to bring the drinks to me.

470 hours…but who’s counting!!

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