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New England – Day 4

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Karma bit me in the ass this morning. I bitched about the slowness of the coffee service in yesterday’s blog and this morning the coffeemaker decided to implode. It took an hour to make half a pot of coffee that was so strong that even diluted it was like espresso. I like a little coffee with my cream and this coffee was never going to be that light brown color I like.

While we were drinking our coffee, Leigh received the exciting news that her daughter had just become engaged on a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend.  Carla eft Leigh a message on her answering machine at home because, hello, we don’t have cell service here.  I think you could hear Leigh’s whoop all the way to Cozumel.  Just a guess, but I think she’s happy about it.

Bruce, Michael’s partner, popped in as we were wrestling with the coffee maker to regale us with tales of his flat tire at the train station last night. Apparently, he is challenged by all things mechanical and electronic. Basically, if it has an on/off switch he needs a guardian angel around. I say that in jest…sort of. Actually, we got a great kick out of listening to his story. He’s a high energy, very funny guy.

We met Michael and Bruce down at the Villager Restaurant for breakfast. It was news to me that you could put smoked salmon and capers in an omelet. Who thinks up these combinations? It actually looked quite good, but I decided to go the health food route and have fresh strawberries…on my Belgian waffle.

After breakfast, surprise surprise, we went shopping. We should have called this trip ‘shopping across Connecticut’. Maybe we could market the idea to QVC and we could get paid to do this. The Food Network could even pick up the eating portion of our trip as we waddle our way across the country. I think I’m on to something.  If that doesn’t work out, we’ve already sold our first video to Ira down at the Kent Wine & Spirits store.  We’re holding out for a register display.

Whitney informed me that if I could afford a $400 pillow I could bring her a ‘little something’…greedy wench. Of course, I can’t get her something and not everyone else, so the Pandora’s box of gift buying was opened up. I think I need a bigger suitcase.

Our next stop was at the Seven Hearths house which as built in 1751. The painter, George Laurence Walker, lived there for several decades. He specialized in portraits, many of them life sized. There was an entire room with floor to ceiling storage completely filled with his work. The paintings were gorgeous but the actual structure was so slanted that it felt like the Casa Magnetica house from Six Flags. Going down the stairs made you dizzy.

Michael and Bruce had a fundraiser to go to for a couple of hours this evening, so we had a late dinner. Bruce’s brother, John, who is also visiting from North Carolina, helped us hold the fort down while they were gone. In this case, ‘holding down the fort’ included fresh apple cider (made from the apple trees in the yard) and dark rum, followed by vodka tonics, followed by champagne.

Our evening concluded with a humorous discussion about the beaver population at the pond across the road. Apparently the resident beaver family blames Bruce and Michael for one of the little beaver children getting hit by a car. At least they did until Bruce had a talk with them. Little did we know we were in the presence of the Beaver Whisperer.

We leave behind the beaver, the fall foliage and great hosts as we make our way back to Texas tomorrow. I know I speak for us all when I say that we had a fabulous time. Many thanks to Michael and Bruce for letting us invade their lovely home!  Anytime you guys want to see  mistletoe in mesquite, you have a place to stay in Texas.  We love you guys!!!

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