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New England – Day 3

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I have found my target audience…the easily amused.  This group certainly seems to qualify.  We had another great day.

We started the day with mimosas, scrambled eggs, fried fresh apples (straight from the trees out in the yard) and toast with all different jams and jellies….oh and let’s not forget coffee.  I couldn’t get my fix quick enough.  Things get ugly when I don’t get my coffee first thing.  Joe has learned this and has a cup sitting on the bathroom counter when I get out of the shower.  He then quietly backs away, just in case.  It’s a lesson these cretins could learn.

I bought a new pair of low rise jeans with holes in them.  They are young and hip and  I’ve been been assured by the girls that they do not make my butt look big…something a man will look you in the eye and lie about.  Joe says he will be the judge of my butt but he’s a man and can’t be trused to give me the true skinny.  The jeans would come off as a little more hip if you could see the top of a sexy thong in back instead of granny panties.  I’ve decided that henceforth commando is the way only way to go with this particular pair of jeans.

We got away from the house at 12:30…a whole hour earlier than yesterday.  Tomorrow we might make it by 11:30, but I wouldn’t bet Hatch Pond on it.  We headed out to Litchfield, where Kay lived back in the early 90s.  It is a quaint, picturesque little town and the shopping is fabulous.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I’m the winner…by a mile.  While the others bought trinkets, I bought jeans and a tee and raised them an Italian leather purse and a $400 silk pillow.  Rookies.  In my defense…and I know you’re thinking there is no defense for that kind of extravagance…the pillow is a work of art.  Shopping, lunch, shopping, Kodak moments and more shopping took us happily all day long.

Julia and Michael cooked dinner at the Segar Mountain house tonight.  Bobby Flay has nothing on them.  We might have a new Iron Chef contender.  Homemade pasta sauce over spaghetti squash, fresh mozzarella with home grown tomatoes, and grilled fresh corn that we shucked ourselves.  Kay was a virgin shucker, but we fixed that.  Add wine and checkerboard ganache cake for dessert and that’s Yum with a capital Y.

Tres reports that he is enjoying the pictures and blog but needs more nudity and cowbell.  In response, Joe says if we have a topless pillow fight to please post pictures.  Unfortunately for him, that’s part of the secret girlfriend ritual and pictures are strictly prohibited.  Movies, however, are on sale for $29.99.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Note:  here is a link to all our pictures.  There’s not enough room to post them all to the blog.

New England

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One thought on “New England – Day 3

  1. Somethings a daughter just shouldn’t read 🙂 glad yall are having fun! What are you bringing me? 🙂 If you splurge on a $400 PILLOW I should get SOMEthing right?? 🙂 aNd you have to compete with what Mamaw got me on her trip 🙂 just kidding, Everyone got a kick out of you and Julia straddling the statues by the way 🙂

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