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New England Bound!


I am leaving for New England this afternoon and feel a travelogue coming on, so I decided to try my hand at an actual blog site instead of my old standby of mass email.  Somehow I have become slotted into the role of historian for almost every trip I go on these days.  It’s not something I mind and it’s much easier than the travel guide role that Julia usually plays.  If this is your first time reading anything I’ve written you should probably know that the language and content might will be off-color at times.  I cuss like a sailor, to my Mother’s constant regret, so if you are easily offended, cover your eyes when you get to anything objectionable.

This is the first ‘girl trip’ I’ve been on in quite a while.  For years I traveled with my girlfriends almost exclusively, but then I found a man who likes to travel and lives 300 miles from me which made getting out of town with my friends more difficult and less frequent, which is a pity because I’ve got great friends.  So I’m looking forward to this trip with just us girls.  Let the giggling begin!

The participants in this little excursion are Julia Ward, Leigh Kidwell, Kay Sabine and me, Sherree’ Scarlott.  As usual, Julia has done all the legwork and pre-planning.  Saying ‘but she’s so good at it’ is kind of a cop out to excuse myself from the pre-planning work, but it also happens to be true.  I’ve never been on a trip with her that was not made wonderful for all the weeks and sometimes months of  planning she did.  These trips just don’t throw themselves together on their own.  Anyway, Julia’s brother-in-law, Michael,  lives in New York City but has a place in Kent, Connecticut.  It is his place that we are invading.  Here is a link if you have a hankering to see pictures:

This promises to be a long day first day.  We leave Wichita Falls at about 5:00 and don’t land at LaGuardia until about 11:30 tonight.  Once we get to New York, we have to get luggage, pick up our rental car and drive two hours.  I figure that puts us rolling into Kent between 2:00 and 2:30 a.m.  The first flights we looked at did not leave until Thursday morning, but we wouldn’t have gotten into Kent until early afternoon, so we opted to go this afternoon and just sleep until early tomorrow afternoon.  Works for me.

Wednesday, 7:10 p.m

We’ve hit our first snafu. We should be in the air right now but there are storms in the New York area, so instead of flying the friendly skies we are instead sitting on a packed plane waiting for clearance to take off. Where’s first class when you really need it? There will be at least a 30 minute delay. No riots have broken out yet but I figure at least half these people are (damn) Yankees, so one could erupt at any time. I should have brought a helmet and breastplate.

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4 thoughts on “New England Bound!

  1. I know this is a waste of breath, but you girls behave yourselves. If you can do that and still have a good time, then go ahead and do that too.
    Try to take a little time to just BREATHE and RELAX. I hate to break the news, but y’all are no longer spring chickens…..(.I’m not even any season of chicken anymore). Watch your language and make sure you have on clean underwear at all traveling times….that’s my best advice.

  2. Connecticut is nice. Like Massachusetts without the Kennedy’s. 🙂

  3. Hope yall are having fun!Be safe!

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